eCom Turbo Theme Review

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If you are building an e-commerce store, there are a number of important things that you need to keep in mind. In particular, you cannot compromise on the following:

  • The Niche: You need to find a niche that is big enough and the people are willing to spend money on the products you want to promote.
  • The Product: Make sure you select a product that is in high demand and will be an “easy” sell. TIP: You can easily find the best selling products on AliExpress using a tool like Ali Inspector.
  • Store Design: Your e-commerce store should look professional to make visitors trust and order your products

In this article, I’ll be reviewing one of the themes I use for my Shopify dropshipping stores. The theme is known as eCom Turbo and is a product of Franklin Hatchett, who is also the instructor of eCom Elites. I reviewed eCom Elites a while ago here.

eCom Turbo is a complementary product to eCom Elites. However, it is not part of eCom Elites (which is, in my opinion, the best dropshipping course for anyone struggling to make sales on their stores) and is sold separately.

I was an early student of eCom Elites and one of the privileges I had was getting the theme for free as part of a beta test group.

I use the theme for some of my Shopify stores and this is the theme I usually recommend when clients contact me for store design audit services.

If you did not know, bad design affects your conversion rate. 75% of potential customers will think your business is not credible based on the store design (source). And when your business is thought not to be credible, making sales will be difficult.

Think about it for a second: 75% of potential customers that you have worked hard to bring to your store through organic or paid marketing end up not purchasing your products, no matter how good the products are.

You will be bleeding cash fast on marketing and still wondering why you are not making sales. This is a problem I’ve seen many people starting Shopify dropshipping have.

badly designed online store

A Poorly Designed Online Store

So, before you start investing your time or money in driving traffic to your store, make sure you have great design.

What Makes a Good Shopify Store Design?

Here are some things that make a good store design:

  • The Shopify theme should look attractive and professional
  • The theme should be mobile responsive
  • The content layout should be attractive
  • The design should provide a good user experience (UX)
  • The images and website, in general, should load fast

The above are just a part of the checklist I go through with clients that request for my store design audit service.

With the basics out of the way, let’s get started with this eCom Turbo review.

eCom Turbo Review – Best Shopify Theme

eCom Turbo is a high converting Shopify theme that is easy to edit. I say the theme is “high converting” because of some features that I will touch on below.

Whether you are dropshipping or selling your own products on Shopify, you want a theme that will easily convert visitors to customers. The theme should be well-designed and have all the “hallmarks” that will make your store trusted by customers.

eCom Turbo is not only well designed, but also loads fast. The theme looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

ecom turbo mobile responsive

eCom Turbo looks great on both desktop and mobile devices

How eCom Turbo Will Improve Your Store’s Conversions

eCom Turbo is loaded with a number of features that significantly help to improve conversions. Before we look at the features, watch the video below:

ecom turbo overview video

My favorite conversion features are:

Homepage Customization

Most visitors will form an opinion about your store simply by looking at the homepage. Today, people are impatient. Statistics show that it only takes 0.05 milliseconds for a customer to decide whether your store is credible or not. Therefore, you want your homepage to look professional.

You can easily customize your Shopify store homepage when using eCom Turbo theme. You can change everything; from the colors to the number of products displayed, to end up with a professional look. Having a good-looking homepage is the first step to boosting conversions.

Cart Upsell

One of the tricks that I use to increase the average order value (AOV) on my stores is by adding checkout upsells. On your store, you want to get maximum value from your traffic. Therefore, if you can sell them something more, by all means, do so.

Studies have shown that visitors are more likely to buy an upsell right after the cart and right before the checkout. (Source).

Moreover, selling to existing customers, or those that are about to be customers, is easier than starting from scratch. (Source)

upselling to customers

I increased the profits to my store by 25% when I started using eCom Turbo and I credit the increase in sales to the upsell feature.

ecom turbo cart upsell

eCom Turbo Cart Upsell

You can customize the upsell to offer related products to your customers to improve conversions. For example, if you are selling fishing rods, you can offer fishing reels as an upsell.

Scarcity Timer

You can use the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) phenomena to boost sales on your store. FOMO basically refers to the psychological reasons that make people do something (in this case, buy your product), for fearing that they will miss out. You can learn more about how FOMO works here.

ecom turbo scarcity timer

Ecom Turbo Built-in Scarcity Timer

eCom Turbo has an in-built Scarcity Timer that helps to boost sales. The scarcity timer creates a sense of scarcity or urgency without coding your theme. You can fully customize the Scarcity Timer and even change the color of the progress bar.

Urgency Sales Ticker

You must have seen a sale ticker on an online store. E-commerce entrepreneurs use sale tickers to improve conversations.

ecom turbo urgency sales ticket

eCom Turbo Urgeny Sales Ticker

eCom has an inbuilt sale ticker that will play into the visitor’s psychology on the fear of missing out. You can fully customize the sales ticker to match your store theme or pop out so that it’s unmissable.

Popping Call to Actions (CTAs)

eCom Turbo makes it easy to create call-to-action (CTA) buttons under your collections right on the homepage. This is a massive conversion booster as you can get your customers to immediately check the products you want them to buy.

call to action buton

When you have installed eCom Turbo, visitors that come to your website can take action immediately on the homepage. For example, you can have the CTA directing them to your new product bundles, discounted products, and so on,

Did I mention that the CTA button is fully customizable? You can change the color, text size, and so on with the CTA feature on eCom Turbo.

Customizable Cart Buttons

Did you know that the cart button color and size can affect your store’s conversion? Convertize has a good post on how the add to cart color affects the conversion rate.

With most Shopify themes, changing the Add to Cart button color is a hassle as you have to go to the backend of the theme. If you are not good with the technical side of Shopify themes, you can spend hours trying to get things right. Most of the time, you will end up breaking your theme.

eCom Turbo saves you the hassle of customizing the theme from the backend through its easy-to-customize features. You can customize the Add to Cart button and test various colors to see how they affect your store’s conversion.

popping cart button

Customizable Cart Button

Best Feature: Did you notice the little timer on the Add to Cart button? This is another conversion boosting feature that makes me rate eCom Turbo the best Shopify theme.

Upsell Feature

When running an e-commerce store, one mistake you will want to avoid is burning all your money or effort on traffic and hoping that part of the audience will convert. Traffic costs have been getting high, especially on Facebook.

high facebook ad costs

Therefore, you want to play smart and not compete with everyone for the high CPC traffic. This means getting the most value from any traffic that lands on your store.

eCom Turbo has an Upsell feature that allows you give discounts and collect leads at the same time. You can customize the popup to match the color scheme of your store to boost sales. The leads you collect can be used for future email promotions.

Boost Conversions with Cart Upsells

eCom Turbo Upsell Popup

TIP: You can set the upsell box to show when a customer is about to leave your site, enticing them to buy by offering a discount. Moreover, since customers will give you their email to get the discount, you can put them in a product funnel for future promotions.

There are a bunch of Shopify upsell apps that can do the same at monthly recurring fees. With eCom Turbo, you will save on the recurrent fees since the Upsell feature is built-in into the theme.

Make Sales on Instagram

One of my best marketing strategies for ecommerce stores is using Instagram. While everyone is focused on Facebook Ads, many people are not taking advantage of Instagram marketing.

instagram sales

If you are interested in Instagram, Marketing, let me know in the comment section below.

eCom Turbo makes it easy for you to sell your products on Instagram. The theme is mobile responsive and therefore looks good on mobile devices. When people visit the store from Instagram, they cannot resist going to the Add to Cart button!

Clean Footer

A clean design is important for generating sales. Your store’s conversion rate is likely to be low if you have a cluttered and confusing footer.


You can fully customize the eCom Turbo footer to your liking. If you wish, you can use Shopify’s default footer. I generally customize the footer to add some “trust signals” on my stores.

Increase Visitor Trust

Trust is one of the factors that can affect your store’s conversion rate. When visitors do not trust your website, they are not likely to buy anything from your store. So, how can you increase trust?

One of the easy ways on establishing trust is by including simple trust badges on your site. Here, I’m talking about badges that online shoppers are used to that show a website is secure and trustworthy. Below are a set of badges that are provided through eCom Turbo.

trust badges

You can upload a trust badge with multiple or single badges on your eCom Turbo without doing any coding on the theme.

There we go, the top 10 conversion booster features on eCom Turbo that will supercharge your profits. But that’s not all, the theme also loads fast, provides a good user experience, and is regularly updated by Franklin and his team.

For me, I love the conversion boosting features. But even more important is that these features do not come at an extra cost. If you are currently using a free Shopify theme, and even some premium ones, chances are that you are paying extra for some of the in-built features that eCom Turbo has.

In the Shopify app store, there are paid apps for cart upsells, urgency sales ticker, scarcity timers, and other features that are native to eCom Turbo.

With eCom Turbo, a one-time fee will give you access to this theme that has all the features you need to make your store convert well. Forget about paying monthly fees for Shopify apps.

eCom Turbo Theme Price

There are three price plans for eCom Turbo. You can choose a plan based on what you would like. For me, the best Unlimited License plan makes sense since I’m building many Shopify stores, some for my clients.

For you, your preferred plan may be different. Here is an overview of the prices at this time:

ecom turbo price

eCom Turbo Price

Prices may have changed in the meantime. Click here to see the live prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are updates provided?

When you purchase eCom Turbo, you will get lifetime updates. Moreover, as new features are released, you will not pay extra for them. In the eCom Turbo members’ area, there is even a place for requesting features you’d like to see in the theme.

How Do You Install the Theme?

The eCom Turbo theme is installed like any other Shopify theme. To customize it, there are tons of videos in the membership area that will take you step-by-step on installing the theme and customizing it to end up with a professional site.

ecom turbo membership portal

eCom Turbo Membership Portal

Moreover, there is also a basic dropshipping course in the members’ area.

What if I Have Problems with the Theme?

eCom Turbo is one of the best Shopify themes, not just in terms of design but also considering the support provided. When you purchase the theme, you will get access to a members’ area with training videos on installing the theme.

Each video has a comment section where you can ask about any problems you may encounter with the theme. There is also a private members’ group for customers of eCom Turbo where you can connect with others members and get support.

ecom turbo membership area

Can I use the theme on multiple sites?

The license you choose will determine how many sites you can use the theme on. For one site, the license costs $97. For 3 sites, the license costs $127. For unlimited sites, the license costs $147.

The Unlimited license provides the best value if you plan on having multiple Shopify stores.

Do You Need Shopify Coding Experience?

No. the eCom Turbo theme is made to be customized on the front end. Most of the customization involves adding images and choosing colors for your elements from the front end. You will not need to touch any code to customize the theme

Verdict: Should You Buy eCom Turbo Theme?

If you have a Shopify store and your traffic has not been converting, chances are that you have a poor theme. I highly recommend you upgrade your theme with the eCom Turbo theme.

By using the theme, I’ve significantly increased by average order value per customer, which means more profits from my store.

The theme is sold with a 14-day money-back guarantee, which I’m sure you won’t need as the theme will straight up improve your conversions.

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