Ezusy vs. AliDropship: Which is Better for Importing Products from AliExpress?

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Today, creating a dropshipping store is easier thanks to platforms like Shopify and WordPress. With dropshipping, you do not need to hold any inventory to sell to your customers. Therefore, there are minimal upfront costs.

I love building dropshipping sites on WordPress for various reasons.  And with my dropshipping sites, I mostly source products from AliExpress.

If you have a Woocommerce store, you can import products automatically from AliExpress using various plugins. Two of the most common plugins used are Ezusy and AliDropship.

Which between the two plugins should you use?

In this article, I go into more details on what the plugins and their differences. When you finish reading this Ezusy vs AliDropship article, you will have a good idea which one between the two will be suitable for your Woocommerce store.

Using WordPress & Woocommerce for Dropshipping

I come from a background of Amazon affiliate marketing and have been diversifying my income sources through dropshipping.  Dropshipping has various upsides over traditional businesses.

First off, you do not need a physical location for your store to operate. Your store will be located online, in the virtual world.

Apart from not having to pay for a lease for a physical location, you will not incur any upfront costs for inventory.

Finally, forget about packaging, storing, or shipping products yourself. All these will be done by the dropship suppliers.

The main role you will have is to collect payment from your customers, send the order to the supplier, and keep your profits.

Here is a good graphic that shows how dropshipping works.

How Dropshipping Works

How Dropshipping Works

One of the places where you can get products to dropship is AliExpress.

The site is one of the largest online retailers in the world. Majority of the suppliers are small businesses based in China. And what do you know about China when it comes to manufacturing costs? (hint: it’s the reason Nike, Apple, and other American brands outsource their manufacturing in China)

You guessed it; the cost of manufacturing in China is so low. As a result, products are so cheap that you can easily mark them up 10X and still your customers will feel they have gotten a good bargain.

The dropshipping model is not new. In fact, most of the suppliers on AliExpress are used to working with dropshippers. Therefore, they won’t send any marketing material or identifying material that will show the product originates from their company and not your store. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

For you, the only thing you will need is to have an online dropshipping store, promote the products you would like to sell, and handle customer inquiries. Everything else about importing products and fulfilling customer orders can be automated with plugins like AliDropship, Ezusy, and others.

Ezusy Review – How Does the Woocommerce Plugin Work?

Ezusy is not a WordPress plugin but an online software that you can use to automatically import products from AliExpress into your Woocommerce store. The software is easy to use and has many handy features.

To start off, you will need to sign up at Ezusy official website

After signing up, log into your account and go to the Settings page and connect your online store by entering its URL. After connecting your store, you can now start importing products automatically from AliExpress.

To import products, you will need to install the Ezusy Chrome Extension on your Chrome browser.

The other way of importing products is to simply use the Search feature on the Ezusy dashboard to find the products you want, and click on them to import them into your dropshipping store.

Getting the products to appear on your store is simply a matter of going to the imported page, choosing the products you want, and clicking the Push button.

Check the video below to see how Ezusy works.

Ezusy Features

Ezusy has several features that make it easy for you to manage products on your dropshipping store. The features include:

  • ePacket Support. Filter the products that can be shipped through ePacket
  • Inventory and price auto updates. You will get notified when there are any changes to products you have on your store in AliExpress with regards to their prices or stock numbers
  • Automatic orders fulfillment. You don’t need to log into AliExpress to order a product that a customer has orders on your site. Simply use Ezusy to do the fulfillment automatically.
  • Product customization. You can edit or customize the products from AliExpress before publishing them on your store.
  • Pricing rules. You can mark up product prices in 2 steps through the Ezusy Dashboard.
  • Import variations support. Products with different images (due to having different variations) can be pushed to your store without any problem.

How Much Does Ezusy Cost?

You can choose from four different packages of the software. As the price increases, you get more perks such as automated order fulfillment and more products to import.

Below is the price breakdown of Ezusy packages.

[wps_table style=”stripped”]

Price $0 $9.90/mo $19.90/mo $29.90/mo
Number of product import 150 400 1000 Unlimited
Number Aliexpress Order Fulfillment 50 100 200 Unlimited
Inventory And Price Auto-Updates Yes Yes Yes
Auto send order tracking details Yes Yes Yes
Tracking Details Yes Yes Yes


All the plans also include:

  • FREE Download Chrome Plugin
  • Products to WooCommerce
  • Product Customization
  • Pricing automation
  • Sale report
  • Variations images edit

For any ecommerce business, the ability to track shipments is important. You do not want to handle tracking manually.

With that said, the plan that would be most beneficial for anyone starting a dropshipping business would be the Basic plan that starts at $9.90 per month

While $9.90 is not a large fee, it can quickly build up especially if you plan to get into dropshipping for a while. In a year, you would have spent $118.8 for the software. Would you still pay this amount if there was a better alternative for importing AliExpress products into your store? Continue reading.

Cons of Ezusy

Ezusy works great. However, the major reasons why I don’t use it are its costs and limitations on the number of imported products as well as auto fulfillment.

Instead of Ezusy, I use AliDropship as it has no monthly fees and offers unlimited automated product fulfillment as well as unlimited product imports.

AliDropship Woocommerce Plugin Review – How Does it Work?

While Ezusy is an online software, AliDropship WOO is a WordPress plugin that is compatible with WooCommerce. To use AliDropship WOO, you store must have WooCommerce already installed.

You can use AliDropship WOO to import products from AliExpress into your dropshipping store. This plugin is just like AliDropship plugin but lacks the marketing features.

The marketing features that are not available in AliDropship WOO do not make it any less good than AliDropship plugin. The features are not available as there are tons of WooCommerce add-ons that do the same thing. The features that AliDropship WOO lacks include:

  • Discounts
  • Cross-sells
  • Email Lits
  • Abandoned Cart

You can see the difference between AliDropship and AliDropship WOO.

Another important thing to stress is that:

AliDropship has the same features as Ezusy but without the limitations or monthly fees.

As a new dropshipper, the last thing you want is to have to worry about recurring expenses on technical issues rather than marketing.

With AliDropship, you can import unlimited products as well as have unlimited automated fulfillment.

AliDropship Features

  • WOO plugins support
  • Pricing mark-up formula
  • Import reviews
  • Product price and stock auto updates
  • Automated order fulfilling
  • Direct import from AliExpress
  • WOO themes support

Check the video below to see how easy it is to import products using AliDropship into your dropshipping store.

What is the Price of AliDropship?

The cost of AliDropship plugin is a one-time fee of $89. This cost applies to both the AliDropship plugin as well as the AliDropship WOO version.

You will not have to worry about paying any monthly fees. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of products you can import or limits on automatic order fulfillment.

Cons of AliDropship WOO

The only con of AliDropship WOO is that it does not have the marketing features that are available in the AliDropship plugin. However, there are tons of WooCommerce plugins that you can use for these purposes.

Verdict: Ezusy vs AliDropship – Which One Should You Choose?

When compared to Ezusy, it’s clear that AliDropship WOO is way better thanks to its one-time affordable prices, unlimited product importing, and unlimited automatic order fulfillment.

The one-time fee of $89 is affordable in the long run, plus there are no limitations on product imports or automatic order fulfillment.

In the end, both options work great. It’s clear the comparison here boils down to pricing. And in that respect, AliDropship wins.



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