Oberlo For WooCommerce: The Best Alternative Plugins

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If you are running a Shopify store, one of the ways in which you can save time is by automatically importing products from AliExpress. You can easily accomplish this using the Oberlo App.

Oberlo is a handy app for dropshipping entrepreneurs but it only works with Shopify. If you are running your store using WordPress with WooCommerce, you will need a different solution.

Best Oberlo for WooCommerce Plugin

The good news is that there is a handy and robust Oberlo alternative for WooCommerce. This is a WordPress plugin that will import the products you want from AliExpress straight into your WooCommerce store.

The plugin is known as AliDropship WOO.

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

How Does AliDropship Woo Work?

If you know the original AliDropship plugin, the AliDropship WOO is its version that is compatible with WooCommerce.

With the original AliDropship WordPress plugin, you can easily create a dropshipping store by importing products from AliExpress.

AliDropship WOO vs. AliDropship – What Are the Differences?

AliDropship WOO works like AliDropship but is slightly different. In particular, this plugin does not have the marketing features that are available in the original AliDropship. The features lacking in the plugin include the ability to create:

  • Discounts
  • Cross-sell
  • Email list
  • Abandoned cart

Now, the lack of these features should not really be a deal-breaker since there are various WooCommerce plugins that provide the same or similar marketing functions.

However, some of the plugins from WooCommerce are paid versions.

Moreover, I’m not a fan of having tons of plugins on my dropshipping store as its performance can be affected.

Generally, the more the plugins you have, the more likely it is that your store’s speed performance will be affected.

AliDropship WOO also lacks the AliDropship built-in themes. However, this is not really a problem as there are tons of WooCommerce store themes all over the internet. If you are looking for some good themes, you should browse the WooCommerce templates at MyThemeShop.

Aside from the three points above, AliDropship WOO essentially has the same features as AliDropship plugin, including:

  • WOO plugins support
  • Price Mark-Up Formula
  • Import Review
  • Product Auto-Updating
  • Orders Auto-Filling
  • Direct import from AliExpress
  • WOO Themes support

Another Oberlo Alternative for WordPress

Another Oberlo alternative for WordPress that I’ve come across is the WooDropship plugin. This plug also allows importing of products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store. You can also fulfill orders directly to your customers through the plugin.

You can use either AliDropship Woo or the WooDropship plugin to import products directly to your WooCommerce store. However, I would recommend that you go for AliDropship Woo rather than WooDropship mainly because of the difference in price.

With AliDropship Woo, you only pay a one-time fee while with WooDropship, you will be locked in a monthly recurring fee.

WooDropship has 3 packages that you can choose from, each with different features. The packages cost $14, $29 and $49 per month.

The higher the package you go for, the more products you can import into your store and the more orders you can fulfill.

Check the image below for a comparison of what’s available under each package.

Oberlo For WooCommerce: The Best Alternative Plugins 1

On the other hand, AliDropship WOO has no restriction on the features or amount of products you can import. The single payment will allow you to import unlimited products from AliExpress into your store and auto fulfill them.

For me, AliDropship WOO makes sense as you will not have to worry about monthly payments. The money you could be paying for the plugin can be used for marketing your store.

Best Oberlo Alternative for US Dropshipping Companies

With the trade war between the US and China seeming not to end any time soon, you may want to deal with US dropshipping companies rather than the ones from China. There are many benefits of working with US dropshippers, including:

  • You are assured of quality products. US customers prefer buying “Made in USA” products
  • Faster shipping times. Customers can get their items within 3 to 7 days, compared to 30 to 60 days if you dropship from China
  • Returns are easy to handle since you don’t have to ship back the items overseas.

Oberlo For WooCommerce: The Best Alternative Plugins 2

If you are looking for an Oberlo alternative that allows you to import dropshipping products into your store from US and Europe suppliers, you should check out Spocket. I’ve reviewed the app before here and it’s hands-down, the best option if you are looking for US and EU dropshipping companies.

Spocket offers vetted US and EU suppliers so your customers can receive their products fast. This is a great alternative for AliExpress and Oberlo if you’re looking for fast shipping, unique and high quality items.

It can be combined with any of the other dropshipping plugins and they have an excellent 24/7 Customer Support team to help with anything you need.

There is a forever-free plan you can use with the Pro plan starting at 29/month (with an annual subscription).

Additionally, they have Spocket Academy which has excellent courses from top instructors in the field of eCommerce and dropshipping.

Do You Need Both AliDropship and AliDropship WOO Plugins?

Now, you may be wondering whether you should purchase the AliDropship or the AliDropship WOO plugin.

Well, these two plugins are bundled in one package. When you purchase the AliDropship plugin, you will also get the WooCommerce version.

This is a sweet deal if you are experimenting with different dropshipping stores and, perhaps, would at one time create a dropshipping store using AliDropship instead of WooCommerce.

Like I indicated above, the AliDropship WOO has essentially the same features as the AliDropship plugin, apart from a few marketing options that are available through WooCommerce plugins.

How to Use AliDropship Plugin

AliDropship plugin is easy to use. It is just a normal WordPress plugin designed to make it easy for you to have a dropshipping store in minutes.

Installing the plugin is done in the same way as other WordPress plugins.

When you install AliDropship plugin, the primary pages of your store such as the contact page, tracking page, returns page, shipping page and about page are automatically created.

The only thing remaining will be for you to customize the copy and add some images that will be relevant to your store.

The customization of the pages is done through the AliDropship Admin area. And importing products from AliExpress is simply a matter of choosing the type of product and price ranges you need and clicking import:

alidropship woo admin panel

Importing Products from AliExpress through AliDropship WOO

You can control everything related to your store through the AliDropship admin area.

The Admin area is easy to use for anyone, even if you are not tech savvy. However, if you still need a helping hand, you can get a custom website designed by AliDropship.

If you are already using WooCommerce, chances are that you already know your way around WordPress and would not need the custom dropshipping store creation service.

Best Oberlo for WordPress Plugin: AliDropship Woo

If you are looking for a plugin that works like Oberlo for WordPress, I hope you have found this article useful. You can either go for AliDropship (has a one-time fee) or WooDropship (has a monthly fee)

Paying a monthly fee can quickly add up your costs and this is why I suggest you go for the one-time payment option offered by AliDropship Woo.

I use AliDropship for my dropshipping sites thanks to its time-saving features. Moreover, there is the comprehensive AliDropship blog that has a ton of resources for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

The blog has everything you would need to succeed in your dropshipping business, from cases studies to tips on social media marketing.

Which Oberlo for WordPress plugins are you using? Let me know your experience with them in the comment section below.


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