Sellvia SEO Package Review: Is it Worth It?

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In this article, we are looking into the Sellvia SEO package to give you a detailed review. Sellvia is a dropshipping platform that usually helps build and grow your businesses. It’s one of the best business models for both entrepreneurs and dropshippers in eCommerce. This dropshipping solution provider offers a number of packages including the Sellvia SEO package.

All entrepreneurs and dropshippers in the eCommerce niche would want their businesses to have high visibility. This is because high visibility usually equates to more traffic which in turn increases the profit margins owing to high sales.

One of the easiest ways to increase the visibility of your business is having the online store SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Sellvia offers different packages and the SEO package is one of them. You are at the right place if you are looking to explore the Sellvia SEO package. We will give you a detailed overview in this review. Read on.

By the end of this review, you’ll know how Sellvia SEO package works, its pros and cons and whether or not its best suited for your type of business. Let’s get right in!

Sellvia SEO Package Review

Sellvia SEO Package Review: Is it Worth It? 1

Sellvia SEO Package is specially designed by this dropshipping company to help build and grow your online business. SEO plays a significant role in Web businesses and Sellvia did not shy away from tapping into it. Sellvia has been in the SEO business for more than 10 years with a 100% growth of Google rank. This proves that your eCommerce business stands to benefit a lot from using this tool since it’s the best as Sellvia has shown us.

Sellvia SEO package will help make your store more visible to create more organic traffic thereby increasing the profit margins. Plus, it will help you save a few bucks that you could have used on paid ads thanks to the steady traffic driven to the store.

Sellvia not only submits the domain name to Google but also to other top search engines once you subscribe to any of their plans. This helps in boosting traffic to your online store. What’s more, the Sellvia SEO package also has a feature for writing articles for the website. Remember, Sellvia usually offers four different packages.

Content marketing is equally important for a business. Sellvia writes SEO articles and creates marketing content for you along with making them rank on Google and other top search engines. SEO is crucial for entrepreneurs and dropshippers in the eCommerce niche. Let me highlight some of its benefits for the doubting Thomas’s.

Benefits of SEO for Dropshipping Businesses

1. Increase brand awareness

A brand is supposed to be seen because low visibility beats its intended purpose. Your online store can be easily seen on Google and other top search engines once its Search Engine Optimized. Your site will pop up as one of the solutions to the problem anytime there’s a query relating to your niche. This will help you drive quality and sustainable traffic to the website.

We are referring to it as quality traffic because these are visitors that are looking to buy what you offer on your site.  Sustainability, on the other hand, means that the results will be noticeable in continuity owing to the efforts you inject into the SEO over time.

For the most part, the investments are usually done at the beginning stages. This means that you have to keep the website as well as your content updated. SEO is better than paid ads when it comes to dropshipping business because for the latter, you have to pay frequently before generating traffic. Your brand will pop up in different web conversations with an increase in traffic.

In addition, the Search Engine will display your site along other results even when the query is not targeted towards it directly. This makes your site look like a great option to the website in question. In this case, the visitor can check out your website if they don’t find a satisfying solution.

2. Improve user experience

One of the most important things you should look into as an entrepreneur or dropshipper is the ability to improve and optimize user experience of the website. Your site should be easy to access and scroll through so that visitors can find what they are looking for effortlessly. Optimizing user experience on your website tends to skyrocket the rankings.

Users always opt for websites that give direct answers to their queries. It saves them a lot of trouble! And this is where SEO comes in handy as it helps you use the most searched keywords.

Your website will rank on the first page of Google and other top search engines when you use the keywords that people are searching for. According to research, less than 1% of people usually visit the next page of the search results on Google. That’s why most business owners strive to get to the first page of Google’s rankings.

There’s more to SEO than just helping you use the keywords people are searching for in the subject line. It also helps you optimize your content so that your website can meet the needs of your visitors with ease. If a user visits your site, then reverts to other search results almost immediately, it means that they did not get a solution.

At this point, Google will assume that your website is irrelevant to the search. Consequently, affecting your website rankings on Google. However, you can avoid being caught up in such situations by simply using SEO.

3. Boost brand trust

It’s quite obvious that you would want people to trust your brand. Who wouldn’t? That’s why trust is essential in any business. Customers are always looking to make purchases from trustworthy and equally reliable brands.

You can achieve this effortlessly with most on-site businesses. However, you need to put in extra effort when dealing with online customers to get them to trust your brand.

Improving your rankings on top search engines like Google is one of the easiest ways to boost brand trust. In such scenarios, SEO will come in handy! Most people trust Google and that is why Google only ranks the sites it trusts.

You will automatically earn people’s trust when your site ranks high on Google. The trust improves when your website is among Google’s top rankings. Most people also believe that many customers are patronizing the brand if the website is ranking high enough.

When you get people to buy products from your brand, the trust automatically grows and they soon start leaving reviews. As you know, positive customer reviews on your site encourages other people to buy.

Customer reviews are very important for any business. This is because people are likely to buy from a business with positive reviews and this in turn boosts brand trust.

4. Building remarketing audience

Remarketing is an essential tool that business owners can use for leverage. Building a remarketing audience is all about installing some data collection pieces on the website. This helps you capture every detail of the visitor to your website. The best thing about it is that you can use the generated details to target the visitor in question and remarket your products to them.

Here’s a case study

Say you have an online store for selling kitchen equipment and you notice that there are visitors on your website that spent a significant amount of time on a particular product. However, the said visitors didn’t make any purchases.

Spending a significant amount of time on a particular equipment only means that they could be interested in it. In this case, you can strategize and put plans in place to remarket the equipment to these visitors. For instance, run ads on all your social media platforms to increase your chances of reaching them.

When the equipment pops up on their feed, they are likely to visit your website again. If you are lucky, they might even end up buying the equipment. There are visitors who make purchases almost immediately after visiting the site but there are those that scour through the internet to bookmark. Patience is of the essence because its sales all around.

You can only get people to visit your website with high visibility. And this is where SEO comes into play as it helps generate more organic traffic to the website.

Features of Sellvia SEO Package

Don’t fret if you still don’t know what to expect from Sellvia after subscribing to the SEO package. We are here for you! We’ve highlighted some Sellvia SEO package features below. Let’s delve right in!

1. Search Engine Rankings

Sellvia SEO package enables your store to rank high on top search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube and Google. You might have trouble getting your site to rank highly if you are not conversant with SEO and how to use it for your online business. By now, you should know how important it is for your website to rank higher on Google and other top search engines.

Studying everything about SEO might get in the way of your business schedule or draw your attention away from it. However, this is not the case with Sellvia SEO package thanks to its features. This is because it does all the legwork for you to narrow down your search as it brings you some of the best suggestions for you to follow and voila!

It will also save you a few bucks as it helps cut down the cost that comes with employing a professional SEO analyst.

2. SEO Articles

Sellvia SEO Package Review: Is it Worth It? 2


As earlier mentioned, Sellvia also helps you create good content for the products as well ass your brand. Marketing your content is hands down the best tactic when it comes marketing. People usually fall in love with the brand subconsciously once they find the content valuable. That’s why they will constantly visit your site to check out your products.

This SEO feature works by:

  • Posting as a guest on different sites with quality organic traffic whilst attaching the link to your store. This way, those visiting the high-traffic site also get a chance to visit your website once they click the link.
  • Publishing articles on any news sites on Google talking about your brand. Google News Sites usually have lots of visitors since it’s a big network. Your brand’s credibility will receive a massive boost when it gets to these sites.
  • Writing great overviews for the products. A compelling overview will more often than not drive a potential customer to make a purchase.
  • Submitting your product overviews to different directories. The Sellvia SEO package can help submit the product overviews to willing buyers and those with purchasing power.

3. White hat SEO

White hat SEO usually approves the marketing tactics to ensure the Search Engine Optimization are using the right methods. The body helps differentiate between paid ad search results and the organic ones. It also improves the rankings of the search on SERP – Search Engine Results Page without violating the rules.

Here are some of the different ways white hat SEO achieves this:

  • Increasing the loading speed of your website. We all know what slow internet can do to us and loading a page forever is as annoying as it is frustrating. It’s in the public domain that visitors tend to leave a page if they can access the site or takes long to load. As earlier mentioned, once a visitor reverts to the search results page immediately, Google will assume your site is irrelevant to the search and this will affect your ranking.
  • Improving your site navigations. Ensure that the visitors can access the pages on your website with ease.
  • Use of mega tags rich in the most searched and descriptive keywords. A mega tag is a short description right below your headline in the search results page. It helps determine whether or not the users will click on the website.

Sellvia usually uses SEO strategies that adhere to the search engines rules and regulations.

4. Promo and Social Backlinks

Sellvia SEO Package Review: Is it Worth It? 3

Sellvia helps generate more traffic to your website through promo and social backlinks. It typically places your online store on some of the most important social bookmarking sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Google Bookmarks and Twitter among others. This way, people can easily save the store and check it out later.

For the most part, those who usually visit the social bookmarking sites are always looking for a refined search. You are bound to get potential buyers when your store features on these sites. Plus, your business will rank highly on top search engines like Google.

In addition, Sellvia creates promotion ads for the store and posts each one of them on 50 different American-based classified sites. I think that’s an excellent marketing strategy that Sellvia uses. They also answer questions with detailed explanations on Quora.

Quora is one of the most popular Question and Answer forum sites in the world for those who don’t know.

5. Increase Domain Authority

This dropshipping company will help you create and build your domain page to ensure you are better placed on top search engines like Google. What’s more, it works remarkably well on both your On- and Off- pages SEO. You will be an authority in that particular niche once your website ranks high and generates a significant amount of traffic.

People will start seeing you as an expert in your eCommerce niche.

Sellvia SEO Package Price

We have listed Sellvia SEO Package pricing plans below:

  1. Silver – $399
  2. Gold – $699
  3. Platinum – $999

Sellvia SEO Package Review: Is it Worth It? 4

You can choose any of these pricing plans depending on the level of your business. The platinum plan comes highly recommended if you are looking to get the best results and that includes increasing your profit margins significantly.

Pros and Cons of Sellvia SEO Package

Just like any other dropshipping company, Sellvia also has its pros and cons.


  • Drive high-quality and equally sustainable traffic to the website
  • Cut down the cost that comes with hiring a professional SEO analyst to work on your website
  • It’s reliable
  • Rank your website highly thus saving time
  • Suitable for all types of websites
  • Generates quick results


  • No free trial
  • Relatively expensive


There has been a lot of talk about Sellvia SEO package that’s why it’s an entire plan on its own. What’s more, if you are not conversant with using SEO as a business tool then the Sellvia SEO Package is the way to go. You can still sign up for the package without purchasing any Sellvia plans or having the Sellvia website.

If you have zero experience and are looking to purchase the Sellvia SEO package, it’s always advisable to start with the cheapest plan as you gradually work your way up when the need arises. Don’t miss out on the traffic that can be easily generated to your website today.

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