AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Package Review: Is the Price Worth It?

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If you are looking to start a dropshipping business to generate passive income, you may have heard of AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Package.

In this review, we’ll go through what is included in the package, whether you can really make passive income when you buy it, and whether things are as easy as they are portrayed to be.

The Truth About Dropshipping Business

Like any other business, starting a dropshipping business is not as easy as you may see people on YouTube claiming it to be. There are dozens of challenges you will have to overcome when running the business.

For most people, the biggest challenge with dropshipping is making the first sale. For others, it’s setting up an online store that converts. Other people find it difficult to source trending dropshipping products to sell.

However, despite the challenges, dropshipping is a lucrative online business model that can help you to earn you an extra income (when you are doing it part-time) or even a fulltime income.

When you want to start a dropshipping business, you have to do a lot of background setup. This includes choosing your domain name, deciding on the ecommerce platform to use, installing a Shopify theme, getting products from suppliers, and, finally, marketing your store.

However, what if you could get an online dropshipping store that is already pre-loaded with profitable products that you can start selling? With such a store, the only thing remaining would be marketing the products.

But again, what if the marketing is also partly done for you, i.e., you get ad templates that you can use to promote your products across different social media sites?

Well, this, and more, is what you get with the AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Package.

Read on for an in-depth review of the package.

AliDropship Supreme Package Review: What Do You Get from the Custom Store?

The AliDropship Supreme Package package is the highest package or plan available for AliDropship Custom stores.

Before we get started with this review, check out the Ali Custom Store review we wrote a while ago.

This is an all-inclusive online store package that shortens your learning curve of starting a successful dropshipping business.

The Done-for-You turnkey store package features profitable niche research, products optimized for profit, and a high-converting custom store design.

AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Package Review: Is the Price Worth It? 1

AliDropship Supreme Package – Get a Done-For-You Dropshipping Store

Whether you are new or experienced with the dropshipping business model, the package will get you up and running quickly. The store offered in the package will be an excellent addition to your online assets, allowing you to quickly start earning a passive income.

The AliDropship Supreme package comes with all the features found in other custom stores, including the Platinum web hosting plan. The store is also integrated with a lead generation system that allows you to seamlessly communicate with your prospects and customers.

In a nutshell, this is a done-for-you online store that has everything you need to be successful at dropshipping. Even better, part of the marketing is already taken care of as you will get 10 custom pre-made Facebook and Instagram ad templates.

When you purchase the online store, you’ll only need to change a few details such as your contact and payment information, do some promotion, and start earning.

How to Get the AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Package

Want one of the AliDropship custom stores?

Before you order, keep in mind that it takes from 18 to 25 business days for the AliDropship team to deliver the store. This is because the team does not sell the same store to different customers. Moreover, each customer is given a profitable niche that has been researched from scratch. Therefore, you can be sure of having a unique, high-converting, store that is ready for sales.

Here is how to go about ordering your store:

1.      Place Our Order

First off, you simply need to place your order for a store. Here is the link to the information.

2.      Meet Your Personal Manager

After ordering your store, you’ll be contacted via email by a project manager. This is a professional who’ll be assigned to handle your store project. The manager will guide you through the whole procedure of getting your store up and running.

You’ll also be sent a questionnaire to fill. The questionnaire will enable the AliDropship team to understand your preferences with regards to niches. You can also make special requests in the questionnaire.

The official language of communicating with the personal manager is English. However, you can also indicate which language you prefer to be contacted in. Currently, AliDropship has project managers for speakers of the following languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, German, Kazakh, and Italian.

3.      Follow-Up and Feedback

After you have sent the questionnaire, you’ll be given access to a Basecamp project, where you will see the progress of your request.

You can monitor what the team is doing with regards to your project, and provide feedback along the way.

4.      Store Delivery

Finally, when your project is completed, you’ll be given access to your store. When you have the details, you can further customize or change the store as you wish.

Another important thing that you’ll be given is a management and marketing plan for the store. Therefore, whether or not you have managed an online store before, you will have all the information you need. The marketing plan will give you a headstart in your promotion efforts.

Is the $2889 Cost Worth It?

The Supreme Custom Store package costs $2889. However, is this price worth it?

To determine whether the price is too high or fair, let’s consider what you’ll be getting from the package.

1.       150 Quality Backlinks for SEO

When you purchase the Supreme custom store package, you will also get 150 high-quality backlinks. These backlinks are important in helping your store rank well on Google.

According to a study by Backlinko, websites that rank No. 1 on Google receive 8.1 clicks per query. Can you imagine how many prospects will be coming to your store if it is ranking on Google for top keywords related to the products you are selling?

With high rankings on Google, your store will be getting organic traffic, which means free sales.

A while back, I purchased the AliDropship SEO package that comes with 30 high-quality backlinks. The backlinks helped to push my store on the first page of Google for select keywords I was tracking. Now, imagine how much power 150 backlinks will have on your store.

2.       Niche Research

When you purchase the Supreme package custom store package, you will also get a profitable niche. The team at AliDropship manages thousands of stores and has data on the performance of various niches. Rather than carrying out niche research by yourself, you’ll get a proven, profitable niche from the onset.

The niche you will be given will be in high demand, has potential for future growth, and will provide a stable, long-term income.

The AliDropship team carries out niche research using Google AdWords, Google Trends, and other niche research tools such as Ali Inspector. Moreover, the team will provide you with an in-depth keyword analysis, which will help you to see the viability of the niche.

If you have a specific niche you are looking to attack, you can inform the team to look at it and advise you on its viability.

3.       10 Ready Ads for Instagram and Facebook

E-commerce businesses thrive on social networks. One of the strategies of marketing your dropshipping store is by advertising to potential customers on Facebook and Instagram.

However, Facebook advertising can quickly get you in the red if you don’t know what you are doing. You can set up ads that will do nothing but bleed your money. I’m sure you don’t want this. (Get the Vyper Facebook Advertising Course to be safe).

AliDropship has shortened the curve to Facebook and Instagram paid campaign success by providing 10 pre-made ads that you can use for your store. These ads are customized specifically for your products and are made by the marketing team, which has handled thousands of profitable campaigns.

You can also customize the templates to use with other ads in the future.

4.       Lead Generation System

When leads stop by your store, they may not immediately buy. In fact, studies show that it takes prospects 7 to 13 interactions with your brand before they buy. (source)

When leads land on your store, perhaps from your Facebook campaigns, you can take various initiatives to keep and nurture them to become customers. This is where you need a lead generation system.

The lead generation system in AliDropship custom store package is set up for seamless communication with your customers. This goes a long way in ensuring the success of your marketing efforts.

If you need a standalone lead generation system for your ecommerce store, check out Send in Blue.

5.       Platinum Web Hosting

When you purchase the Supreme custom store package, you will not have to worry about where to host your ecommerce website. This is because the package comes with Platinum Web Hosting by AliDropship, which is optimized for the performance of the dropshipping plugin.

If you wish to purchase Platinum web hosting on its own, you’ll be paying $200 a year. However, the hosting is available for free through the Supreme package.

Here are some features of the hosting:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • You can host up to 30 websites
  • IonCube Guard Loader
  • PHP 7.2
  • 80 email addresses
  • cPanel
  • 17GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Check all the features of the Platinum Web Hosting here.

6.       Abandoned Cart Recovery

Studies show that 69 percent of customers that put an item on an online shopping cart do not complete the purchase process (source). When you are driving traffic to your website, you want to ensure as many prospects as possible buy your products. And this is why it is important to use an abandoned cart plugin.

The AliDropship supreme custom store package comes with an abandoned cart plugin that will help you reconnect with prospects that abandon their cart. The tool uses automated emails to help you to get back sales that you would have lost.

By using the abandoned cart plugin, you can save time, reduce costs, and make more sales in your store. The automated trigger emails sent from the plugin will increase your store’s conversion rate.

7.       3-in-1 Sales Boosters

The Supreme custom store package has a 3-in-1 sales booster marketing tool. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to convert prospects to buyers. The tool works by creating a sense of urgency in your store.

The Sales Booster includes a cart timer (which shows a countdown before which an offer expires), trust badges to win your prospects’ trust, and social proof.

8.       Promo Videos

One of the ways of increasing conversions on your store is by using video. Through the medium, prospects get to understand your products better than they would through images. The AliDropship team will also create promo videos that you can use to market your dropshipping products.

According to a study by Wyzowl, using videos increases sales by 65 to 85 percent. The promo videos are great value from the AliDropship team that are available through the Supreme Package store.

9.       WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugin

The package also comes with the AliDropship dropshipping plugin. This plugin allows you to quickly import product and update pricing reviews based on various settings.

However, there is more to just importing products with the AliDropship plugin; you can also earn 12% cashback on every product you sell. The AliDropship plugin is integrated with AliExpress affiliate program, which allows you to make more money through every product sold on your store.

Read our AliDropship plugin review here.

10.   Customer Review Page

There is also a stylish customer review page that allows visitors to see what other people are saying about the products you are selling. This helps to boost the trust levels at your store.

Here are other features that the AliDropship custom store comes with:

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • High converting and optimized theme
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Popular payment gateways supported
  • Automated management system
  • Responsive website themes
  • In-demand products
  • On-site SEO
  • Unique and stylish design
  • Branding social pages
  • Promotion email setup
  • Social media promotion tool
  • Lifetime support
  • 100% ownership

Why Choose AliDropship for Your Dropshipping Store

AliDropship is one of he best dropshipping platforms on the market. The platform is preferred for it’s the unique features available and support offered by the team.

Here are some reasons why I recommend AliDropship:

One-Time Payment

Unlike most dropshipping plugins or platforms, AliDropship only charges a one-time fee. This is not the case with other competing alternatives like Spocket or …..

Moreover, all other AliDropship products are sold for a one-time fee. This is important because:

  • You won’t pay any fees for processing payments through a specialized service
  • You won’t have to pay any percentage of sales
  • There are no recurring fees to manage your store

The only cost you will have to deal with, but that is after a year, is for the hosting. AliDropship offers robust hosting that only costs $200 a year. But with the Custom Store Package, the first year’s hosting is already included in the price.

Satisfied Customers

You can find AliDropship reviews on various sites like TrustPilot and Jabber. From the reviews, you can clearly see that may customers are happy with the products from the company.

Success Stories

Many ordinary people are finding success starting dropshipping stores using AliDropship. Simply check the AliDropship blog or the forum for inspiration from other people. You can also interact with real users on the forum to get advice or guidance on your dropshipping journey.

Dedicated Support

AliDropship offers lifetime support for all its products, including the plugin, themes, and custom dropshipping stores.

Simply contact the company through its social media pages or website if you need any help with the custom store you buy.

So, Is AliDropship Custom Store Package Worth It?

Without a doubt, the price of the AliDropship supreme package is a little bit high. However, when we consider what you will be getting in return, then the price is very small in comparison to the value. With the price, you get a store that is ready to make sales from day 1. This means no guessing which niches to enter, no buying a custom theme, no hosting to think about, and more.

I highly recommend the Supreme package for anyone that is looking to add an extra stream of income but doesn’t have time to put in the work on niche research or site creation.

The bottom line is that, you will save a lot of time and eliminate the guesswork out of dropshipping is you purchase the custom store package.

If you prefer to do things on your own, you can still start a dropshipping store at a much cheaper price. However, the cost of starting a store on your own from scratch will far outweigh the benefits of getting one made by the AliDropship team.

Here is a link to the AliDropship Supreme package, where you can see all the features you will be getting.

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