DSers Review

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You need a business tool that helps make things a lot easier including automating everyday tasks if you normally use AliExpress to dropship. In this article, I’ll be exploring everything you need to know about DSers as one of the most popular dropshipping apps. I’ll also cover its options, features, pros and cons among others.

According to research, most dropshippers using find trouble making bulk orders from AliExpress faster and effectively. And this is where DSers comes into play.

DSers allows you to place orders with ease with a click of a button. It also provides other handy features like managing orders and supplies.

DSers integrates with Shopify perfectly well to help its users ship bulk orders. Currently, they have the DSers WooCommerce Integration and WordPress plugin option to offer services for online stores. It’s a powerful business tool that makes importing AliExpress products to your store and selling them to your customers a lot easier.

In addition, DSers is the official AliExpress dropshipping partner. The official partnership allows its users to access the whitelist features on AliExpress.

DSers Review

The traditional way of managing orders is as cumbersome as it is time consuming.

Enter DSers!

DSers was designed to allow eCommerce businesses to use a combined platform to help enhance both their marketing and promotional efforts.

DSers Review 1

There’s a lot DSers can do including: setting default currency, managing notifications, setting tracking information, selecting default delivery options and setting default messages to suppliers. All these options are available under setting.

DSers Review 2

DSers is quite resourceful when it comes to helping dropshippers and marketers receive and also fulfil orders quickly. What’s more, DSers allows you to work with many different suppliers saving you the trouble associated with limited stock.

Free Version Features

  • Order Management – DSers allows you to process more than one order at the same time with a click of a button.
  • Variants Mapping – Adding product variants is quite easy since you only need to add the dropshipping suppliers.
  • AliExpress Whitelist – With DSers, you don’t have to worry about restrictions when it comes to product quantity. AliExpress Whitelist is the way to go if you’ve had trouble with the number of orders initially.
  • Shipping Settings -It allows you to customize different transportation modes as well as create a billing amount depending on the fees and charges of that particular country.
  • Multiple Store Manager – Managing two stores on different accounts can be quite challenging. However, the multiple stores manager allows you to use one account to manage and organize the stores simultaneously.
  • Product Importer – The intuitive Chrome extension lets you add AliExpress dropshipping products to your store with ease. You don’t need to browse through different windows to manage the products.
  • Supplier Management – You can use different dropshipping suppliers for one product. Your alternative suppliers will be automatically activated if the primary supplier runs out of stock. This means that a product running out of stock will not affect your business in any way.
  • Auto Messaging – All AliExpress sellers can access the automatic messaging service feature.
  • Tracking – It automatically syncs tracking URLS that are sent to customers in emails. This means that a client can always keep track of the order. However, those who are not subscribed to DSers need to install WooCommerce shipment tracking plan to access this feature.
  • Split Products – It’s a resourceful function that allows users to split products into multiples. You can separate the products by color, price and other distinctive attributes.
  • Price Monitor – Users can get notifications anytime the price of a particular product changes. This information is very important as it can help you change a thing or two and price the products accordingly.
  • Hide Products – DSers allows you to hide items that don’t manage anymore or looking to process on a different platform other than AliExpress.
  • Multiple Languages – This is feature is quite handy for dropshippers with multilingual eCommerce store sites. Thankfully, DSers supports different languages including Portuguese, French and English. They are looking to add more languages soon.
  • Inventory Monitor – With this feature, you can easily sync AliExpress product inventory and use the data to track your stock.
  • Supplier Optimizer – This feature allows you to search for the best dropshipping suppliers that meet all your needs.

Standard Plan Features

  • Automated Inventory Updates – The feature automatically syncs with your AliExpress inventory to ensure prices and product descriptions are up to date.

Advanced & Pro Plans Features

  • Bundle Mapping or Buy One Get One (BOGO) – You should always give your clients a reason to shop with you and return if you are looking to increase your profit margins and revenue in general. Offering your clients the BOGO incentive will entice them to shop more and significantly increase your sales. You don’t require additional plugins.
  • Affiliate – DSers allows you to integrate with Admitad to earn cashback commissions.
  • Advanced Mapping – It makes tracking different product variants easy and allows you to ship faster to specific countries.

DSers WooCommerce Integration

When you create a DSers account, you can access a page that asks you to choose the platform you prefer. There are two options -WooCommerce and Shopify. Go for the WooCommerce option as shown below.

DSers Review 3

When you click on the WooCommerce option, it will redirect you to another page that asks you to input your store information. Click on “add store” once you verify that the information you entered is correct.

DSers Review 4

DSers will then verify the added information to ascertain if your store integrates properly. Don’t worry, this step is automatic, so you don’t need to do anything. Ensure you have installed and installed the WooCommerce plugin on your website if the connection is unsuccessful. You should also ensure that the permalink structure reads “Post Name”.

After you are done, you can go ahead and authorize DSers to access necessarily information needed to link your online store properly. Click on the Approve option and it will automatically connect to your website. Once the task is complete, you’ll be redirected to dsers.com.

DSers Review 5

In addition, DSers automatically synchronizes ordered products and orders for you for the last one week. You can click on the setting option and then select other to sync other orders manually.

DSers Review 6

DSers also allows you to link your AliExpress account once you authorize. After the integration process is complete, you’ll be upgraded to the AliExpress Whitelist account. You can make bulk orders without any restrictions with the AliExpress whitelist account and place all your orders with a click of a button.

DSers Review 7

DSers WooCommerce plugin is available on WordPress repository for free.

Importing Products

With DSers, you can import AliExpress products to your store in two different ways;

  1. Copying and Pasting the Import List URL – On the import list, paste the product link on AliExpress then click ok to add it to the import list.

DSers Review 8

  1. Using Google Chrome Extension – This extension is available on their official Web store. You’ll see the DSers button on all AliExpress product pages one you install Google Chrome extension. Clicking the “add to DSers” button adds the product to the import list on the app.

DSers Review 9

Import List

When you import products from AliExpress to DSers, they’ll be updated on the import list. This means that the products will not be automatically added to the store. This, in turn, allows users to import the products, decide the store you want them imported to right after editing them. You also get to tag items in the import list allowing you to organize them properly.  This helps you find the products easily using filters.

DSers Review 10

After adding a product to your import list on DSers, you can select other different options including;

  • Editing products – You can alter the names and prices of the products or even take down the pictures.
  • You can push the products to the WooCommerce store directly. However, customers will not be able to see these products just yet. This means that products can’t be edited on DSers after pushing them to WooCommerce. In such scenarios, you can always edit the products inside the WooCommerce site. You can push an unlimited number of items to different WooCommerce stores simultaneously.
  • You can publish the products to the WooCommerce store. Plus, you can publish the items simultaneously to different sites.
  • Split products. This feature allows you to split products to multiples.
  • You can also ad tags to different products as it makes searching for the products a lot easier.

You can access the Import list from the sidebar, that is clicking on products then import list.

Editing Products

You can edit products in DSers before you publish or push them to your WooCommerce site. You can do this when importing a new item.

DSers Review 11

You’ll find five tabs for editing products. Remember, it’s not possible to edit products on DSers once you publish or push them to your WooCommerce store site. If you need to make any changes, then you’ll need to do them in WooCommerce:

Product Tab – You can change the basic information of a product including the category, product title, set product type and add tags.

DSers Review 12

Variation Tab – It allows you to adjust product variants. You can change prices, specification, color and stock along with renaming SKUs among others. Click on the right group to choose the variants.

DSers Review 13

Description Tab – This tab allows you to change the description of the products. You can change both texts and pictures, format the description text and add some new images according to your personal specifications.

DSers Review 14

Image Tab – With this tab, you can see the original pictures of AliExpress suppliers. Plus, you can delete the images, zoom in for clarity or download them to your computer especially if you want to change the resolution size.

DSers Review 15

Shipping Info – It shows the shipping cost data of AliExpress and estimated delivery time. You can show the tracking availability option for orders when you choose ship to or ship from countries.

DSers Review 16

Splitting Products

You can split the products according to your personal specifications. Diving one product into multiples is paramount especially if you want to use one color for a particular product variant. You can also split the products per your needs if you like selling different variants separately.

DSers Review 17

Click on products then choose import list. Click on the product card of the dropshipping product you plan on splitting then click on the icon that almost resembles a Y on the bottom righthand corner. You’ll be redirected to a new tab that offers the option of dividing the products by color, variants or specification.

DSers Review 18

Tagging Products

You can add tags to help manage and organize products. Select the tag management option on the import list to start tagging products. You’ll see a new window where you can not only add tags but also manage tags.

DSers Review 19

Initially, this window will not have anything. Click the “add new tags” option to create new product tags. You simply need to input the name of the tag then click on the sabe button. You can change or remove the tag anytime you wish.

DSers Review 20

You can assign the created tags to many different products. Click on the product card then select the tag icon on your screen. Click on the confirm option after choosing the tag. What’s more, you can always add multiple tags to products if you want.

DSers Review 21

Click on the “add tags” option to select multiple items simultaneously and assign different theme tabs. This option also allows you to filter the products by tags. In this case, choose the filter option on the menu to see the products on that particular tag.

Mapping Products

Use the mapping page on the product card when importing dropshipping products from AliExpress. The option is available under “my product” option. A new window will open when you click on the mapping page icon with different options to choose from including BOGO, Advanced Mapping, Basic Mapping or the Bundle Tab.

DSers Review 22

You can use the advanced mapping option to sell products from different shipping places. The feature also allows users to set up dropshipping suppliers depending on the destination countries of the orders.

BOGO, on the other hand, is quite effective for those looking to implement huge discounts and special offers to entice customers. This feature allows you to implement exclusive promotions like Buy One Get One or Buy one Product Get another product for free or Buy 2 get 1 free among others.

DSers Review 23

You can create customized bundles thanks to the DSers bundles. It also allows you to mix dropshipping products from many different suppliers, change the quantities of the products and other items you plan on selling.

DSers Pricing

The best thing about DSers is that it offers a free trial plan that you can use for as long as you want since it doesn’t have an expiration date. However, DSers has other three paid packages with additional handy features, products and store limits.

Currently, WooCommerce DSers is absolutely free. You can also access the paid plans at no cost. However, some plans will start charging in the near future. Don’t fret, you’ll get a notification in advance if the plan is implemented.

DSers Review 24

DSers offers four different pricing plans including Basic, Standard, Advanced and Pro. The paid plans are usually billed annually or monthly. The basic plan, which is free of charge allows you to manage a maximum of three online stores with up to 3000 dropshipping products in each account.

The free plan is best suited for dropshippers managing few stores and those who are trying out the platform to see if it suits their business. DSers will not only help you start a successful dropshipping business but also improves efficiency.

You can purchase the Standard Plan at $1.99 per month or $23.88 annually. With this plan you can have a maximum of up to 7500 dropshipping products per account and manage 5 stores. It has all the features that the free plan offers including an automated inventory function which is quite impressive.

The Advanced plan costs $190.80 annually and $19.9 monthly. It’s best suited for medium-sized businesses. It allows you to manage up to 10 stores with a maximum of 20, 000 dropshipping products in each account.

Lastly, we have the Pro plan that costs $478.90 annually and $49.90 monthly. It has all the basic and advanced plans features. With this plan, you can have a maximum of up to 75,000 dropshipping products per account and manage more than 20 stores. If you are looking to expand your eCommerce business, then Pro Plan is the way to go.

The Pro plan is the only package that allows its users to have Shopify and WooCommerce on one account. This feature makes it stand out from the rest since with other plans, you are only allowed to use one of the two per account.

The Pro and Advanced Plans have everything that the other plans feature and additional options like Bundle Mapping/BOGO, Affiliate and Advanced Mapping features. Paying annual fees for a plan is relatively cheap as compared to the monthly option. The best thing about using DSers is that all their four pricing plans come with a free trial period that allows you to try out their product before investing.

Plus, you don’t need to give out payment information to use the free trial.

DSers Pros and Cons

Like all dropshipping platforms, DSers also comes with its fair share of pros and cons. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Let’s look at some of the benefits and limitations of DSers:


  • It’s cost effective -DSers offers four pricing plans ranging from a Pro Plan edition to a free plan. They have different resourceful features and the plans are equally affordable.
  • Simplicity – It’s easy to use and quite intuitive. Plus, the features usually come with laid down guidelines.
  • It helps save time – DSers allows users to manage and control different stores and dropshipping products simultaneously with a click of a button. Plus, it allows users to process bulk orders in a few minutes.
  • Unlimited orders – There are no limitations to the number of orders you want to handle.
  • Track deliveries – You can track the status of the orders and everything else ranging from processing, packaging right to the delivery process.
  • Multiple shipping options – DSers allows you to choose the best shipping method as per your preferences.
  • Automated processes – DSers has lots of automated services to give you a less stressful and easy shipping experience.
  • It offers a forever free plan with resourceful features


  • You can’t edit the products in bulk
  • It only supports Shopify and WooCommerce integrations

Final Thoughts

DSers helps make dropshipping a lot easier as it offers an assortment of great functions. I have looked into all the features available and I can attest that they are quite handy in different stages of running a successful dropshipping business. They can help with handling bulk orders in minutes and syncing inventory data to ensure you don’t sell products that are out of stock.

DSers also allows its users to add new items using Google Chrome Extension. Its advantages are quite distinctive as compared to other platforms owing to its ability to integrate with Shopify and WooCommerce simultaneously. You can control orders and dropshipping suppliers to improve order management. Plus, it allows you to track orders with ease and keep the inventory updated.

DSers recently introduced WooCommerce integration to allow WordPress users to enjoy its features. The plugin allows companies to use all the features available on other eCommerce platforms including Shopify. This means that you can achieve a lot in a few minutes as it helps save time.

It’s free and comes with many different features that will help you save a few bucks from discontinuing use of other plugins. For instance, the bundle mapping option. At this point, it’s safe to say that anyone in the dropshipping business needs to use DSers.

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