Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It?

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I’ll be exploring everything you need to know about Sellvia in this article and giving you a detailed review. Sellvia is the most recent dropshipping platform for suppliers. It offers eCommerce solutions that aim at solving all your dropshipping needs in a distinctive way. Sellvia aims at providing both entrepreneurs and dropshippers done-with-you and done-for-you services.

I have tried out a number of dropshipping solutions since am a dropshipper and eCommerce entrepreneur. In this review, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts basing on the experiences I had using Sellvia. I’ll also talk about its pros and cons, features and what type of businesses stand to benefit the most from using this dropshipping platform.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 1

Dropshipping sounds like a lucrative business idea but it all narrows down to the supplier and quality of the products. You should know that the supplier is the most important part of the whole dropshipping company. This is because they play a significant role when it comes to the quality of the products and your entire shipping experience.

Your customer experience depends on the supplier. That’s why it’s important to take your time when choosing a supplier in charge or responsible for your eCommerce business. This is because a supplier can either make or break your business. So, is Sellvia worth it? Here’s a detailed Sellvia review. Let’s get right in!

About Sellvia

Sellvia is an eCommerce dropshipping solution for online business. If you are looking to build and grow your dropshipping business in the US, then Sellvia is the way to go. It’s quite different from other dropshipping models owing to its unique approach, that’s the done-with-you and done-for-you models. Besides, Sellvia is not only an eCommerce platform but also a reliable supplier in the US.

Let’s just say Sellvia has successfully managed to replace Shopify, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Plus, using this business tool allows you to build and also manage your online store. Sellvia is also a great alternative to AliExpress which is a marketplace for dropshippers since it’s their main source for quality products.

Most dropshippers prefer using AliExpress to source their products since they have a huge catalogue with reasonably priced items. However, its not all sunshine and rainbows with AliExpress since their shipping process is a bit slow and it also affects those in the US. It gets worse when shipping to other countries.

If you are looking for a fast-shipping US software to use for your dropshipping business, Sellvia will come in handy! Plus, it ships products in other countries faster as compared to AliExpress. The speed at which Sellvia ships is one of its best features considering how big and profitable the market is in the US. This sums it up for you, Sellvia is totally worth it!

How Sellvia Works

There are two ways a dropshipper or entrepreneur can benefit from using Sellvia. You can choose to subscribe to the monthly plugin to your WooCommerce or WordPress website or go for the annual done-for-you customized dropshipping store. Using either of these plans will automatically connect your online store to the US-based Sellvia warehouse. This means that you can use Sellvia to deliver your products within 1-3 business days when a customer places an order.

What’s more, Sellvia offers two different packages including:

  • A monthly Sellvia subscription plugin
  • An annual subscription custom dropshipping store

Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

1. Sellvia WordPress Plugin

You can download the Sellvia WordPress Plugin right after signing up for their monthly subscription at a cost of $39. The process is as simple as downloading and installing it on your site. After you’re done, you can use it to process orders on their website directly. However, you need to ensure that you have activated the plugin first before using. In this case, you need to feed in the API key you will receive on your email after purchasing the plugin successfully.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 2

You’ll be able to use the plugin effortlessly after feeding in the API keys. There’s a huge list of different products available that you can use if you are looking to import products. Plus, you can explore the products by categories.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 3

Importing products is quite easy. Select a category on the platform with the products you wish to import and choose where you want them imported to your website. You can do all these things by just clicking a button including fulfilling the products once a customer places an order.

However, it’s not all hunky-dory with the Sellvia WordPress Plugin because it also comes with its limitations. The most significant drawback is that it only processes orders from the US.  Ali Dropship default plugin through AliExpress automatically fulfills orders from other countries. Click the ‘Order from Sellvia” button to fulfill your order with Sellvia.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 4

2. Sellvia Ready-Made Dropshipping Store

Sellvia Ready-Made Dropshipping Store is an entire package on its own unlike plugin. This is because its already customized from the beginning with products. You can access the online store once its created and even start selling the products after logging in your details. It also offers marketing materials to help you market your products. For example, there is an SEO package that will help you get your first custoemrs.

However, you’ll need to fill in a questionnaire to get a Sellvia Ready-Made Store so that they can build you an ideal one. The questions include things like the domain name and eCommerce niche you are going for. You can also choose the type of theme you want including free and premium themes.

In addition, there’s a package for different products for those who prefer stocking up items. The additional package ranges from an extra of between 100 to almost 1500 products. You also get the option of choosing whether or not you would want them to do marketing in different social media platforms for your website.

They will deliver your custom online store within 24 hours once you complete the questionnaire successfully. After you’re done, you can integrate the payment plan and you’ll be good to go. At this point, you can start selling the products.

Sellvia Features

Sellvia comes with many different unique features that I’ll highlight in this article. You can access these features once you subscribe including what to look out for when using this dropshipping platform and how different it is from its counterparts.

1. eCommerce Platform

Sellvia provides a platform where users can manage, run, host and launch their eCommerce stores. That’s why this dropshipping solution provider refers to themselves as an entire ecosystem. The best thing about them is that you can enjoy some of their services without using their online platform. How cool?

In addition, Sellvia integrates other software in the online world like WooCommerce and Shopify. You’ll find everything you need to build and run a dropshipping business successfully with or without experience in this platform. Their integration with Shopify might be a work in progress currently but they work remarkably well with WooCommerce/WordPress.

2. Done-For-You Store

The done-for-you dropshipping store service is free. This means that creating a store on this dropshipping platform is a breeze. Sellvia typically sets up the store to suit your eCommerce niche and requirements at no cost.

They only charge the subscription fee when you want to use their platform. The best thing about Sellvia done-for-you dropshipping store package is that it has a 14-day trial period. This way, you can try it out to see its worth before investing. Chances are, you’ll make the fee before the trial period elapses especially if you are intentional with the business plan.

This means that you should know what you are getting into before thinking of engaging in a business plan.

3. Sellvia Catalogs

Sellvia products and catalogs are some of its key features. It not only offers great and equally profitable deals but also products from different categories. The category of the products includes health and beauty, kids and babies, fashion, family store, hoodies, gadget, festive, auto, home and garden, pets, outdoors, sport and USA-made products among others.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 5


You’ll appreciate the fact that their catalog also features customer reviews of the available products. These products usually come with descriptive information about them, high resolution images of the products and SEO user-friendly titles. Technically, you’ll be as good as done once you import the products to your website.

4. One-Click Import

This means that you get to import the products to your online store with a click of a button. As easy as that! The best part is that Sellvia also helps you import the images of the products and other important descriptions to your store.

In case you missed the point, you can do all that by simply clicking a button. You just need to specify the product category where you want them to feature on your site after being imported. After that, the user can import a significant amount of products to their website at no extra cost with, again, a click of a button.

5. Marketing Campaigns

Sellvia also offers pre-designed marketing campaigns. You can create and also set up promotional ad campaigns with ease thanks to the pre-designed marketing materials at your disposal. The platform provides a couple of marketing materials including a Facebook preview of the pre-designed ads copy that usually includes the image of the product and texts that display when the ads are running.

The pre-designed marketing campaigns is one of the things that makes this dropshipping platform stand out from the rest since its quite rare. For the most part, dropshipping companies usually provide the user access to the products they plan on selling and they leave it at that.

Sellvia, on the other hand, makes it their business to ensure that you get to sell the products. They make this possible by providing handy marketing materials that will help you scale your online business. With this, the only thing you need to do is to edit a copy of the ads and run them on all your social media platforms.

6. Sellvia Logistics

As earlier mentioned, Sellvia is a game-changing eCommerce ecosystem as it handles both stocks and fulfilment of the orders in the US market. With this business tool, you can build your brand and earn customer’s trust all while enjoying their fast-shipping process. The orders are usually delivered within 1-3 business days.

Customers can grow impatient if their orders take a significant amount of time to get delivered. That’s one of the main reasons why dropshippers always get charge-back on their stores. However, this is quite different when using Sellvia since you wouldn’t have to deal with such setbacks. This in turn reduces the charge-back significantly and improves overall customer experience.

Customers are more likely to return and make other purchases if they had a good experience shopping from your store.

7. Sellvia Plugin

Sellvia plugin is for online business owners and dropshippers who use third-party eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce. Sellvia provides a plugin which allows users to integrate it with WooCommerce/WordPress. This means that you can enjoy their services without necessarily moving your online store to their website.

You can access all the services and features you need to run your business with the Sellvia plugin. Sellvia will soon launch Sellvia app best suited for merchants that use Shopify.

8. Shopify App

Sellvia Shopify App allows you to import and also fulfil orders effortlessly since the process is automated. It’s an improved version of the Sellvia plugin. It’s best suited for entrepreneurs and dropshippers who fancy the Shopify store over WooCommerce or WordPress.

With the Sellvia Shopify App, entrepreneurs and dropshippers get the chance to do almost anything the app does using the Shopify store. This includes accessing Sellvia suppliers in the US market and other quick logistics services. Here’s what to expect when using the app:

  • Increased profit margins
  • Relatively low prices as compared to those on AliExpress
  • Best-selling products
  • Shipping orders within 1-3 business days

9. Automation Tools

Save for the above-mentioned services, Sellvia also offers different automation tools. This means that you can automate several aspects of the business. One of the most common automation tools is usually order placement.

When a customer places an order of a product available in your store, Sellvia will forward it to the fulfilment center automatically to do the necessary on your behalf. Sellvia has many other automation services that their customers can benefit from.

10. Fast Shipping Badge

A fast shipping badge is more like a visual with estimates of shipping details including the number of days that the customers should be aware of. Here are some of the options that fall under this category:

  • Activate Fast Shipping Badge – It allows you to activate or deactivate the shipping badge. Customers in the US market can see it once its activated.
  • Processing Time – You can add the processing time for each of the products when using Sellvia. Processing time lets the customers know the number of days or the amount of time it can take to process the order.
  • Arrives By – It means that you can give the customer an approximate date of delivery when they can expect the order.

The good thing is that you can either choose to activate or deactivate all these options. When adding an approximation of the delivery date, always ensure you put weekends and public holidays into consideration.

  • Free – This is for those who usually ship orders to their customers at no cost. You can always deactivate the option if you don’t do free deliveries because it’s set on default.
  • Color Settings – You can change the appearance of the icon and text colors with this setting.

11. Return and Refund Policy

Sellvia has a return and refund policy. However, the only limitation is that the suppliers ship the products to the customers and you as the business owner cannot guarantee the quality of the products. This gives a leeway to lots of returns and refunds. If the refund process is by any chance complicated, potential customers tend to look elsewhere.

Let’s take an example of AliExpress since they have a rather complicated return and refund policy. The only way you can keep your customers and offer top tier services is by finding a trustworthy and reliable supplier. However, this is quite different when it comes to Sellvia.

The return and refund policy is quite simple when using Sellvia. Since Sellvia only deals with the US market, it’s easy for them to manage orders and handle the refunds effectively. This means that Sellvia is a reliable dropshipping platform that guarantees to keep any brand trustworthy and equally clean.

Sellvia Pricing

Sellvia has a 14-day free trial service that allows you to check out the software before investing your hard-earned cash. After the trial period elapses, you can subscribe to their monthly package plan that costs $39. Their annual plan costs $399 which means you can save $78 or thereabout.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 6


The latter is best suited for those looking to have a stress-free experience. It has everything you need to build a run a successful eCommerce business on Sellvia. Besides, Sellvia creates a custom dropshipping store for you during the 14-day free trial period at no cost. You’ll also be assigned a store manager that will clarify anything you don’t understand through an email.

Pros and Cons of Sellvia


Here are some of the advantages of using this business tool:

  1. Reduced Risk

Generally, dropshipping has lower risks as compared to other business plans. This is because you neither buy the products in bulk nor stock the products but instead an intermediary fulfils all the orders on your behalf. But its not all sunshine and rainbows since some there are other risks you have to deal with like poor branding.

Plus, you have to choose the right supplier for your business to thrive. This means that your business will not stand the test of time if the supplier fulfills the orders with some low-quality products. It’s one of the most common problems when it comes to the dropshipping business but Sellvia aims to solve this problem in a unique way.

Sellvia not only partners with the suppliers but also subjects them to a thorough vetting process. They usually buy the products from their trusted suppliers in bulk and put them in the Sellvia warehouse to reduce the risk that comes with dealing with rogue suppliers. Plus, it helps minimize the likelihood of the stocks running out.

According to research, finding a reliable and trustworthy supplier is one of the major challenges that entrepreneurs and dropshippers have to deal with. This is where Sellvia comes in handy as it will save you the trouble. In this case, you’ll only be dealing with Sellvia. When sourcing, Sellvia only gets their products from tried and tested suppliers.

  1. High-Quality and Affordable Products

Sellvia acting as an intermediary saves you the trouble of having to deal with the suppliers directly. This way, you’ll be sure to get high-quality products. Sellvia always looks into the suppliers and the quality of the products before stocking the warehouse to ensure they only offer the best.

When it comes to relatively cheap and affordable products people only know of AliExpress. But have you heard of Sellvia? This dropshipping platform will get you to change your mind about that. For instance, shipping a multi-function shovel to the US from AliExpress costs about $28 while the same goes for $10 when using Sellvia.

Sellvia Review: Is it Worth It? 7

The price difference already tells you can make a huge profit when shipping with Sellvia as opposed to AliExpress which most people believe is the cheapest dropshipping platform.

  1. Top-Notch Packaging

An attractive packaging makes the product look more appealing. That’s why Sellvia usually ships their products to customers in top-notch packages. Their packaging is top tier. Plus, they help protect the brand by excluding the name on both the packaging and product. Sellvia offers plain, neat and attractive packaging.

  1. Free Courses

You stand to benefit from free courses when using Sellvia. Free course is one of the many goldmines that makes this dropshipping platform stand out. You can access some of their premium courses at no cost when you subscribe to their services.

Premium dropshipping courses usually cost more than $1000 out there. However, with Sellvia, you get them for free and they will take you through the entire process to help you run a successful business.


Just like other dropshipping platforms, Sellvia also has its limitations and lacks here and there. Let’s delve right in!

  1. It Doesn’t Ship Internationally

Sellvia offers fast shipping in the US market but doesn’t ship internationally. This means that it’s not an excellent dropshipping option for those who run a global eCommerce store. However, you can always choose to use Sellvia for your consumer base in the United States and explore other alternatives for your customers in other areas.

AliExpress will come in handy as it offers a great dropshipping solution when it comes to global product delivery.

  1. You Can’t Access the Suppliers Directly

Having direct access to the suppliers is an advantage and disadvantage in equal measure. One of the many limitations is that you don’t get to negotiate for cheaper prices although the products are relatively cheap. Besides, it would be easier to scale your business when you talk to the supplier directly because you can ask them to print your name or brand on the packaging materials.

However, don’t let these demerits that come with not having direct access to suppliers weigh you down because in a way, it helps protect business owners.

  1. The Available Products are Limited

AliExpress beats Sellvia hands down when it comes to stocking products. The latter offers a variety! If you’ve been using AliExpress then you’ll feel a bit limited by the few products offered on Sellvia. Looking on the brighter side, you can always trust Sellvia’s lead as they take pride in providing best-selling products only.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sellvia

Let’s take on some of the most frequently asked questions on Sellvia:

  1. Is Sellvia legit?

Yes! Sellvia is as legit as they come. It’s a reliable and equally trustworthy dropshipping platform for online business owners and dropshippers.

  1. Does Sellvia integrate with Shopify?

No. However, it’s a work in progress since Sellvia are looking to integrate Shopify in the near future. The only way to use Sellvia with Shopify right now is to incorporate Ali dropship.

  1. How much does using Sellvia cost?

Sellvia offers two different plans. They have a monthly plan that costs $39 and the package includes unlimited product orders and imports from their catalog with fast US shipping. They deliver orders within 1-3 business days.

The annual plan, on the other hand, costs $399 and the package also includes shipping across the United States within 1-3 business days and importing unlimited products and orders from their catalog.

  1. Can I cancel my Sellvia subscription?

Yes, you can. If you want to cancel your subscription, contact them through [email protected].


Sellvia is the way to go if you are looking for a reliable and sustainable dropshipping platform targeting the US market with a great customer experience. After using Sellvia for a while now, I can say without fear of contradiction that I had a wonderful experience.

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