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Social Rabbit plugin is a social media business automating tool. The plugin helps you create content and schedule it to appear at the set time on different social networks.  You are at the right place if you have any questions about Social Rabbit because this review got you covered.

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In today’s post, I’ll be exploring everything you need to know about social Rabbit including how it works, features along with its pros and cons. By now, you already know that an online business needs a strong social media presence. This is regardless of whether you are running a stock inventory or a dropshipping business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small shop in your locality or a mere blog.

All businesses need a great social media presence as it plays a significant role in the success of the business regardless of the niche. You can use different social media platforms to connect with your target audience, increase social awareness and grow sales while at it.

It’s almost impossible run a successful business in this century without investing in social media. The effects can be quite adverse owing to the fact that there are billions of people using social networks globally.

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First, let’s look at the importance of social media platforms for businesses before diving into the details about social rabbit:

  • Social Media Helps Build Awareness Effortlessly – It helps make you business highly visible among your target audience and potential customers. Plus, creating a business account is free across major social media platforms.
  • Encourage Engagement – You can post engaging content on different social networks to trigger communication among the users to get to know what they want and also generate more sales. These platforms allow you to put up educative content like videos of the products you are selling.
  • You Get Free Traffic – Free traffic is one of the perks of using social media. Your social media accounts can attract great value for ads especially if you have a huge following.
  • Fast Support – You can access support since most social networks have narrowed the barrier between companies and customers. Customers can always turn to social media networks to get help instead of looking for the service line of the company in question.

These are enough reasons to create social media accounts! However, you’ll need to ensure that the accounts are active and up to date to get the most from the social network. And this is where a social automating tool comes in handy.

Enter Social Rabbit Plugin!

Social Rabbit Review

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Social Rabbit Plugin is typically a WordPress plugin that helps integrate your website with different social networks including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Social Rabbit Plugin saves you the hassle that comes with posting content on different social media platforms. Save for that, it also helps you save time and keeps your social networks organized like those usually managed by social media experts.

Running different social media accounts for a business is no easy feat since it requires updating them almost every day. Plus, keeping all of them effectively organized can take an entire day! However, Social Rabbit Plugin can get the job done in minutes as it works according to basic scheduled settings. This, will in turn, ensure that your followers engage with your content. This way, your ardent followers are bound to make purchases for the first time.

In addition, Social Rabbit Plugin ensures your social media accounts are well managed and loyal customers keep returning to your page to check out the latest products. It could be a fancy item or even a funny post that drives traffic to your online store.

With Social Rabbit Plugin, you’ll have a lot of time on your hands to work on other aspects of the business since its an automated tool. Plus, your social media accounts on different platforms will always be updated without the need to pay a social media marketer to get the job done.

How Does Social Rabbit Plugin Work?

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Social Rabbit Plugin allows you to enjoy automated services like posting content, products and services on different social media platforms. This gives you a stress-free promotion of the social networks 24/7. The plugin usually bounces around the niche communities and helps draw attention to your business by liking and following user’s account and posts.

The plugin works remarkably well with four different social networks including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It can perform a number of tasks depending on the settings. Some of these tasks include:

  1. Publish Products and Services

You can dedicate different posts to different products and services on the business website or dropshipping store depending on the settings you choose. In such scenarios, the plugin will automatically publish an image of the product along with its, title, price and link.

This allows you to enjoy free organic traffic and a great social media presence across different platforms.

  1. Search for Potential Shout-Out Partners

Unfortunately, this feature only works on Instagram. Social Rabbit Plugin allows you to search for Instagram pages that you can use as shout-out partners and directly message them.

You might need to use specific keywords related to the products and services offered for the feature to work effectively. Once you’re done, write a template message which the plugin uses to request for business partnership without making it look like a spam. It also allows the plugin to work like an actual person.

Social Rabbit Plugin not only saves you time but also money along with the hassle that comes with looking for partnerships manually.

  1. Boost Your Social Media Accounts

The plugin works by skimming through different social media pages with keywords that relate to your niche. It automatically follows the pages, likes the posts on there and even comments. This helps draw attention to your social media accounts and can drive traffic to potentially generate more sales.

The best thing about using the plugin is that you can choose to either turn the feature on or off. What’s more, Social Rabbit Plugin comes with many different options that you can turn on and off according to your personal specifications. This means that you are completely in control and get to make decisions.

  1. Keep your Followers Entertained

Social Rabbit Plugin can also help entertain your followers by posting entertaining content. The plugin does this by using pictures and text templates pre-added to the database.

The plugin can create an attractive or catchy post across different social media platforms using the pictures and text templates you’ve added to the database. You only need to add the pictures and templates and the plugin will get the job done automatically as you go about your business.

  1. Posting and Reposting Blog Articles

You’d want your followers to read about your products or services especially if your eCommerce store or business has blog articles. Enter Social Rabbit Plugin!

The plugin will pick any of your blog articles with relevant information such as title, product description and link randomly them post it on different social networks.

  1. Share Content of Other Users

The plugin can search for posts with keywords related to your niche automatically on different social media platforms. It posts and reposts the content on the same social network. For instance, a post that’s copied on Twitter cannot be reposted on Instagram but can always be reposted within the same social media platform.

Is Social Rabbit Plugin Spammy?

Social Rabbit Plugin is not a bot but a WordPress plugin. However, most people believe that business tools that work automatically are spammy. They couldn’t be more wrong because Social Rabbit plugin puts this narrative to bed.

Every content posted by Social Rabbit Plugin was initially added by you. This means that you get to decide the type of content you want posted on your social media platforms. In this case, you’ll need to prepare a database of many different message options that you’d like to use since the plugin uses the exact phrases as specified.

In addition, you should have high resolution images dedicated to your business or online store. This gives the plugin a privilege of sharing high-quality images only. Remember, once you’re done setting up Social Rabbit Plugin, you don’t have to follow random social media accounts on different platforms. This also gives you control to decide the audience interested in your business niche. This helps prevent your social media accounts from looking spammy or scary to potential target audience.

In addition, Social Rabbit Plugin allows users to customize the posting frequency to avoid spamming. You can schedule the posts at different intervals and enjoy regular updates on specified social media accounts.

How to Use Social Rabbit Plugin

You first need to install the plugin on your website then integration it with your accounts on different social media platforms. The plugin works remarkably well with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can sign up if you don’t have an account on any of these platforms.

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Once you’re done, you can add templates that the plugin can use. For instance, add high-quality images to Social Rabbit Plugin gallery on all social networks that is – Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. The images should not only be quality but also attractive to draw your follower’s attention. Also, high quality images tend to make your social media accounts look highly professional and equally branded.

When it comes to publishing, you’ll need to set a specific setting for different social media platforms. Generally, they usually cover similar parameters. These settings include:

  • Posting Time Randomizer

This feature helps make the post look real, like it has been posted by an actual person. The setting allows you to choose a deviation period that the plugin can use to publish your content at different intervals.

Your social followers can think the posts are some sort of mechanical action when they are posted simultaneously. And this is where the post time randomizer comes into play as it helps keep it real to avoid spamming.

  • Post Frequency

You can set days, minutes, hours and even specific dates in periodic sequence for your content using the post frequency feature. This way, the updates on your social accounts will not be spammy.

  • Text Templates

Text templates are equally important since it’s what the plugin automatically works on. You’ll need to put some effort on the templates because it’s not artificial intelligence yet. The whole idea behind this is to ensure the commenting and posting features are more “human-like” to prevent them from looking spammy and instead look standard.

In addition, social rabbit plugin allows you to write tags along with the text templates and make the tags a shortcut for different actions. For instance, %URL% tag displays the link of the product in the post. When it comes to the price, it’ll be %PRICE% containing the price of the product in question.

  • Hashtags

Your posts can reach a wider target audience if you use relevant hashtags with keywords related to your niche. In this case, you’ll have to write the hashtags on settings page of the social rabbit plugin. Besides, the plugin tends to make it a lot easier as it suggests the some of the best hashtags based on the learning features.

Pros and Cons of Using Social Rabbit Plugin


  • Convenient – You can easily create content and also schedule them to appear at different set intervals on different social networks using the social rabbit plugin.
  • It helps you reach more followers – Scheduling your posts using the plugin at the most valuable time will make you reach a wider audience and generate high traffic. This is because the plugin helps you post when your social followers are most engaged and active.
  • Content delivery – Your social followers will always be updated because consistency is important.
  • You get to enjoy high traffic on your site
  • Lifetime updates and support at no extra cost
  • High conversion rates
  • Hands-off automation
  • Helps save time
  • Rapid website indexing by search engines


  • It’s only works on four social media platforms
  • It can lead to spamming especially if you don’t schedule your posts properly


Social Rabbit Plugin is worth your money as it saves you the hassle of hiring a social media marketer. Plus, it helps you save time and handle other important business tasks. The plugin costs $69, a one-time fee and comes with free updates, lifetime access and support.

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