Recart Review

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Recart is a chatbot software uniquely designed for online stores. You can increase the ROI otherwise known as the Return On Investment significantly by up to eight times when using the software.

But, is Recart worth your money? Keep reading to find out!

Recart Review

Recart is worth it especially for those looking to increase the sales of their eCommerce businesses through Facebook messenger. Here’s a detailed review about Recart including its pros and cons. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

How Does Recart Work?

As earlier mentioned, Recart is a chatbot software specially designed for eCommerce stores. However, it’s a little bit different from other chatbot software.

Recart focuses on helping you increase your sales. Like that’s their main focus. For the most part, chatbot software usually makes a lot of difference as it helps founders create a healthy relationship with their customers. However, Recart has an edge over its counterparts as it helps business owners make actual sales as opposed to creating a conversation.

In addition, Recart comes with restrictions. There are two different kinds of messages in Recart – Auto Campaigns and Custom Conversation Flows. Most people are familiar with the latter especially when it comes to making a chatbot. They are typically the flows you might have with the user. Here’s an example;

Recart Review 1

Recart is quite different from other chatbot software. You can’t tie the flows together. Plus, going from flow A to flow B is not possible. There are three different ways that the user can go from flow A to flow B with ease:

  • Through click to messenger ad
  • Through a sponsored message
  • Through bot payload or link

Recart Review 2

There’s also the auto campaign option that you can use to generate more sales for your eCommerce business. You’ll find a more elaborate explanation on the eCommerce section.

At this point, you should be conversant with what Recart is and what it does for eCommerce businesses. It pays very little attention to building conversations with customers as it mainly focuses on sales. As you know, sales have a great impact on your store.

User Interface

Recart gives you a great overview of the chatbot once you are logged in. The dashboard displays flows that are active on the chatbot, the number of messenger subscribers and extra sales made. The menu on the lefthand side corner shows all of chatbot software features.

The righthand side bottom corner shows a live chat. The live chat feature allows you to request for customer support or use the knowledge base to find relevant article when you get stuck.

Recart Review 3:

Recart usually uses a Visual Flow Builder that allows you to connect the messages together when building the flows for the chat bot software.

Recart Review 4

When building the chatbot flow – For instance, an Abandoned Cart Message, Recart does the legwork for you. This typically means that you’ll find the pre-built flow ready so you can edit and customize it to your personal specifications and you’ll be good to go.

Generally, setting up the chatbot and using the interface is relatively easy. Besides, the messenger inbox allows you to test the chatbot before it goes live.

Chatbot Elements

If you are looking to build a chatbot, Recart got you covered as it provides all the relevant elements. However, they don’t provide a number of things including date validation, location sharing, Persistent menu, vertical list and free text input.

The free text input is one of its major drawbacks. Most users like asking questions and the software doesn’t have that option which can be quite tricky especially when you get stuck. The only information you can get from the user is their phone number and email address.

Recart Review 5


Recart falls short in this section as well.

The software doesn’t allow you to make any custom fields let alone saving the values of the custom fields to certain users. You can only store two different kinds of information of the user and that is their phone number and email address.

Save for the phone number and email address, Recart also saves the gender of the user, whether they have products in the cart and whether the user made a purchase. In addition, the software doesn’t allow you to create user segments and neither can you add tags.


Recart allows you to send sequences, sponsored messages and broadcasts which they normally refer to as instant messages. However, the sequences are slightly different than the normal ones you would expect.

As earlier mentioned, Recart features two different kinds of messages including: Auto campaigns and Custom Conversation Flows. We already talked about the latter. Let’s now look at auto campaigns in details.

Recart usually uses auto campaigns to help generate more sales which will in turn increase your profit margins. They have eight different auto campaigns for this purpose. The campaigns include discount codes and abandoned cart messages which I’ll explain further in the eCommerce section.

The best thing about these auto campaigns is that you can unsubscribe from them anytime. It’s pretty basic even though you can use other conditions. Recart allows you to condition the flow basing on three different things that is: their gender, whether the user has made a purchase and whether they have any item on the cart.

Recart Review 6

It’s impossible to translate the chatbot even though you can set it in any language.

AI and NLP

As earlier mentioned, there are three different ways to come to a chatbot flow using Recart including:

  • Via click-to-messenger ad
  • Via bot payload or link
  • Via sponsored messages

However, Recart doesn’t include any keywords and neither does it provide NLP or AI capability.


Recart usually provides two different channels – website and Facebook messenger.

Similarly, Recart is the main connector between your Facebook messenger and eCommerce store chatbot to help increase sales. The only drawback is that it doesn’t provide other channels but only connects your online store with your Facebook messenger. This means that business owners cannot provide their customers with omnichannel chat experience.


Recart doesn’t integrate with Webhooks, Google Sheets, Zapier, Live Chat and Integromat which can be a potential drawback.

However, they provide integrations with different chatbot software such as Chatfuel and ManyChat, which is great. You’ll notice that Recart lacks in some aspects, we’ll go into the details in the eCommerce section. The only thing that Recart does best is increasing sales especially using Facebook messenger.

You can explore other alternatives like Chatfuel and ManyChat on different areas where Recart falls short.


Recart usually provides automatic replies to Facebook comments, connection with different Facebook ads, Facebook website widget, helps create button for the website and handles chatbot custom URLs. Generally, Recart performs remarkably well in this section.


You’ll love Recart pricing plans.

Recart provides a 28-day free trial plan that allows you to access different features available on the platform. This is more than enough time to try it out to ascertain whether or not the chatbot software suits your needs.

In addition, the chatbot software’s pricing structure is quite different from its counterparts. For other chatbot software, the number of users determine the amount of money you have to pay. With Recart, you’ll pay based on the extra amount you make when using the software. This means that Recart has a flexible payment plan.

Recart Review 7

Recart has the following pricing structure:

  • $29 dollars monthly – Up to $1000 extra sales
  • $49 dollars monthly – Up to $2500 extra sales
  • $89 dollars monthly – Up to $5000 extra sales

This pricing structure is great because the charges increase only if you make extra sales on that particular month.


As you already know, Recart only focuses on eCommerce. This means that they provide analytics in general about the extra sales generated on using the platform along with the number of subscribers on your chatbot.

Recart Review 8

In addition, Recart provides general analytics for each block that you can see the open rate, number of messages sent, number of generated sales and the click rate.

Recart Review 9


Recart thrives in the eCommerce section. They are hands down the best chatbot software available in the industry owing to their excellent eCommerce integrations. The software provides integrations with different eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Shopify Plus among others.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Recart is an alternative to these software. It’s simply a connector that helps ensure you are making more sales using the current online store. Consequently, you can’t make any payments in the chatbot. This begs the question – how does Recart work?

  • First things first. The user comes to your site.
  • Visits the product page
  • Recart helps ensure that the user is redirected to chatbot in Facebook messenger
  • The software sends an abandoned cart message automatically if the user doesn’t finish the order or fails to make a purchase.

Here, the main purpose of using Recart is to help you find a user on Facebook messenger and automatically send an abandoned cart message if the user fails to complete their order.

Here’s how Recart ensures the user goes to Facebook messenger – They normally use different auto campaigns for this:

  • Add to cart widget
  • Discount widget
  • Sticky discount box
  • Add to cart popup
  • Customer chat

Sticky Discount Box

Users can see the discount thanks to the sticky discount box. If the user clicks on the discount displayed, they are redirected to Facebook messenger. The user will get the discount once they get to Facebook messenger and then they can go back to the web shop. The box is usually displayed on all pages save for the checkout page.

The best thing about the sticky box discount is that the user doesn’t have to apply the discount manually since it’s done automatically on the checkout page.

Recart Review 10

Customer Chat

The customer widget helps ensure the user gets answers to all their questions about the web shop. The campaign is mostly for all the questions about warranty, returns and delivery.

Recart Review 11

Discount Widget

The discount widget is almost similar to the sticky discount box. The only difference is that latter is always on the same spot and equally visible on every page save for the checkout page. The Discount Widget, on the other hand, only appears on specific places in the webshop. This means that the discount widget appears only where you place it.

Recart Review 12

Add to Cart Popup

Just as the name suggests, the add to cart popup usually pops up when the customer adds an item to the cart. The user gets subscribed to the chatbot once they click the “get this in messenger” option. Plus, you can send the user an abandoned cart message if they fail to complete their order.

Recart Review 13

Add to Cart Widget

The add to cart widget works just like the add to cart popup. However, it’s relatively small and not so out there in your face. You’ll find the add to cart widget button right under the add to cart option of your online store.

Recart Review 14

Purpose of an Abandoned Cart Message

As earlier mentioned, Recart helps get the user to Facebook messenger so that they can send the abandoned cart message if they fail to complete the order. The abandoned cart message feature is quite advanced as it allows you to send multiple messages.

For instance, you get to send the abandoned cart message in intervals like after an hour or so.

Recart Review 15

Templates and Cloning

The software provides more than 20 templates to help you build chatbot flows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to customize the templates or share them. It’s also not possible to duplicate the chatbot flows as well as the chatbot elements.


You can’t do any optimization with Recart.


Recart is easy to use as it comes with proper documentation and tutorials that explain how the platform works. Plus, they provide great customer support via email and live chat.


This is a conformation that you should buy Recart. They provide one of the best integrations between your Facebook messenger chatbot and eCommerce store to increase your sales. Recart stands out from the rest when it comes to integration. The best thing about Recart is that you only get to pay more when you make more on using the software which is a win-win situation.

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