Minea Review

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In this post, I’ll be giving a detailed Minea review. This is the best ad spy tool for online advertisement in any dropshipping business. By now you already know that winning products play a significant role in running a successful eCommerce business. However, you need access to these products. Thankfully, there are many dropshipping research tools that provide best-selling products.

Nothing compares to seeing well-performing products generating more sales with dropshipping. With Minea, you can grab the best-selling products then duplicate them onto your website. This saves you time and also helps increase the profit margins with a click of a button. But the main question is – Is Minea worth it and up to task?

That’s why we are here. This review will let you in on the insides and outsides of Minea as a dropshipping platform as it highlights its features along with the pros and cons. Most importantly, you should be able to tell if you are getting value for your money at the end of this review. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Minea Review

What is Minea?

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As earlier mentioned, Minea allows you to spy on thousands of ads. It’s one of the best product search tools that usually help users locate and choose the right products for their online business. Minea recommends the products to you after an intensive analysis on different social networks including TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest.

Minea doesn’t just pop these products up and term them as the best selling on the market. Instead, it provides all the relevant statistics that show the products are actually winning. Minea also doubles up as an ultimate as spy business tool. This means that it spies and then reveals the marketing strategies that competitors use to make their businesses successful.

Save for the strategies, Minea also provides the outcome of the strategies generated. You can use this information to get the right products for your eCommerce business.

Uses of Minea

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Minea has different uses including:

1. Product Research

As you are well aware, product research is the most challenging aspect of the entire dropshipping business. It’s an open secret that the products you go for play a significant role in the success of your online business. That means that you have to take your time to research some of the best-selling products available on the market. And this is where Minea comes in handy.

Minea helps you analyze different social networks and research the products basing on your eCommerce niche. What’s more, it compiles top 10 winning products of the day to narrow down your search. You can get all this on the interface. You know the hassle that comes with doing product research manually.

2. Getting Notified on New Products

Once Minea advertises new products, it indicates its availability in their promotion folder. You can go through the analysis of the products to decide if you want them to appear in your catalogue. Getting notified on new products on Minea allows you to sell the latest which might be what people are looking for at that particular moment.

Therefore, you’ll need to add the new products to your catalogue quickly to generate more sales.

3. Analyze Competitor Ads

Analyzing the competitors’ ads is of the essence as it helps you in leveraging. Plus, it saves you the hassle that comes with figuring out which way to go when it comes to ads. This is because you only need to spy on the existing ads and copy them when the need arises. However, this calls for a little bit of creativity. The analysis also help you figure the winning products best suited for the eCommerce platform you are using as well as your region.

You can also access these details when analyzing competitors’ ads:

  • The number of views
  • Interactions – both shares and likes

4. Look for Influencers to Help You Market the Products

Those who are familiar with different social media platforms know how important influencers are when it comes to marketing products. Most brands have resorted to using influencer marketers to promote their products and services. Minea put this concept in consideration by providing access to these influencers on their platform.

The influencer access provision is one of the most unique features that makes Minea stand out. However, it’s important to get the right influencer to help market your products for best results. The best part is that Minea allows you to filter your search when looking for influencer marketers. The results can be sort by gender or age, region or country or according to your eCommerce niche.

All in all, Minea helps ensure you get to choose the most influential person to market your products.

5. Find the Right Niche

Minea helps you find the right niche to venture into in your eCommerce business. When it comes to dropshipping, you need to focus on a specific niche. You’ll discover the best niche with a significant number of required products once you go through different ads on different social media platforms. You should avoid oversaturated eCommerce niches by all means. This means those with a lot of marketers.

You need to go for the best option with very little to no competition.

Minea Features

How is Minea special from other ad spy tools? Here are the features that make Minea stand out:

1)      Finding Winning Products

Minea will help you find the best-selling products to sell online. It collects searches from different social media platforms including Pinterest, TikTok and Facebook to bring out the winning products for you. It also generates top 10 products of the day on the interface for ease of choosing. What’s more, you can search for the products individually on the social networks.

In addition, Minea allows you to filter your search when looking for the winning products. You can sort them according to your niche, keywords, country, region, eCommerce platform or recent ads. The advanced filters, on the other hand, help users find the winning products with ease. You can see the feature on the advanced settings right on the interface.

You can always check the number of days the ad has been running to ascertain if the product is actually winning. The date will also let you know when the promotional ad was created. Check the engagements and number of likes for that particular duration.

The ad format is equally important. In this case, video ads will come in handy as they work remarkably well with dropshipping.

2)      All-in-One Business Tool

You need to do proper research before venturing into a dropshipping business. You should know what your target audience according to your preferred niche are looking for by scheming through different social media platforms. In this case, Minea will come in handy since its an all-in-one business tool that saves you the trouble of going through all that rigorous process.

Minea works well with Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. This means that it collects all the necessary information from these social networks to help you build a successful dropshipping business.

3)      It’s a Creative Strategy that Helps Build Your Brand

Developing a new idea from the bottom up is much harder than mimicking an already existing strategy with commendable results. Minea has an ad spy feature that allows you to check out your competitors thriving businesses to see how ads works for them. You can copy some of their marketing tactics and implement the ideas in your business.

If you are keen, you might notice a few lapses here and there in some of their marketing strategies. This way, you can fix the problem when creating your ads to make them stand out.

Minea’s Advertising Platforms

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1)      Facebook

Facebooks is one of the most popular and largest places to find customers and marketers for your online business. According to research, there are more than 90% of marketers on this social media platform. This means that Facebook can help you gain access to wide target audience.

Save for reaching a wider target audience, Facebook can also help you create several ad campaigns for each winning product. Just like you can run the ads on Facebook to promote your products you can also use Minea to spy on your competitors’ ads. In no time, you’ll learn how your competitors get to work around different Facebook policies to run successful ads that tend to generate good results.

2)      Instagram

This social network works remarkably well with eCommerce businesses especially those dealing with actual products. Instagram boasts of billions of users monthly. This means that you can easily have a wider audience reach when using Instagram.

What’s more, your customers will have a better view of the winning products with Instagram. Plus, you can edit the images using high-quality graphics on there. If you are looking to leverage influencer marketing then Instagram is the way to go. Minea allows you to advertise products on IG and check the insights to know how your promotional ad campaigns are working.

Thanks to Instagram, you can have a wide audience reach through ads with ease owing to the many different features that help in matters visibility.

3)      Pinterest

According to 2019 research looking to find the number of Pinterest users all over the world, the following results were generated:

This social media platform has more than 300 million users monthly. Pinterest also features among the top ten social media platforms in the world. What made it stand out is the fact that ¾ of its users are women standing at 80% with 42% being older adults. This means that Pinterest would be a good place to start if your products are targeting women folk.

Pinterest and Instagram are almost similar in terms of functionality since they both use images and pictures or carousels. Picture a business tool that brings all these social media platforms together. Minea! Minea allows users to run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest concurrently.

Minea Pricing

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How much does Minea cost? Minea has three different pricing plans.

1)      Minea Lite

Minea Lite is free of charge and some of the features in this plan include:

  • Ad Details
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer Research
  • Chrome Extension
  • Advanced Filters
  • 250 different Research Credits


2)      Minea Starter

Minea Starter costs $49 monthly or $474 annually. Here are the features of this plan:

10,000 different Research Credits and all the other features included in the Minea Lite plan.

3)      Minea Premium

Minea Premium costs $99 monthly and $831.96 annually. The features in this plan include:

  • Ad Details
  • Facebook Ads
  • Influencer Research
  • Chrome Extension
  • Advanced Filters
  • 100, 000 different Research Credits
  • Pinterest Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • Shop Analysis

Minea Starter and Lite have the same features. This means that you have to upgrade to the premium version to enjoy the advantages of Minea.

Pros and Cons of Using Minea as a Business Tool


  • It helps save time
  • It falls on the lower side of the pricing spectrum as compared to its ad spy counterparts
  • It’s an all-in-one tool for your dropshipping business
  • It makes finding winning products a lot easier
  • You can use it on your smartphone since it has a chrome extension
  • It notifies you on the availability of any new products on their catalog allowing you to sell what your customers are looking for


  • It’s best suited for physical products only
  • Their customer service is quite unreliable
  • It only supports one user
  • Conducting a product search is a bit challenging owing to the many different huge platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Minea as an ultimate eCommerce product search tool.

How much does using Minea cost?

Minea offers three different pricing plans. We have the Minea Lite that is absolutely free, Minea Starter Plan at $49 monthly and $474 annually and Minea Premium plan at $99 monthly and $832 per annum.

How does Minea work?

Minea helps analyze different social networks like TikTok, Pinterest and Facebook on your behalf to look for the most sought-after products and recommend them for you to sell online.

Does Minea offer a free trial?

Yes! Minea offers a free trial plan with a number of features that you can access for as long as you want before upgrading to another plan.

How many users can Minea support?

Minea can only support one user which means you cannot share your subscription. Plus, your account can be suspended when it notices suspicious activities.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can. Minea allows you to cancel your subscription before your monthly or yearly plan expires to prevent them from making the next deduction.


Minea has positioned itself as the absolute best when it comes to product search including the all-in-one and ad spy tools among other unique features. Once you settle the rigor that comes with searching for the right products to sell online, the rest of it is usually a walk in the park. Every entrepreneur or dropshipper out there should have a tool to help them run their marketing ads on different social media platforms.

The best thing about Minea is that they offer a free plan for you to try out before upgrading. If you are looking to start a dropshipping business without any challenges then Minea is the way to go.

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