Sellvia vs. Spocket: Which is the Best for Dropshipping?

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Just like any other business, dropshipping also requires you to be conversant with a number of factors. For instance, you need to ensure that your high-quality products can get delivered on time as scheduled without a hitch. Save for that, a business calls for a great marketing strategy, consistency when it comes to the identity of your brand and keeping track of the orders.

In addition, it’s always important to have different resources to help keep your business afloat irrespective of the business or dropshipping model you opt to use. Say, you are looking to optimize your business. In such scenarios, you’ll need to deliver premium quality products to your already established consumer base along with reducing the lead and shipping times significantly. It’s doable even though it can be a bit challenging. Enter Spocket!

Spocket is looking to solve all business-related problems. However, it suffers a major setback since most people believe that Spocket is no different from other platforms. They couldn’t be more wrong. Keep reading to find out more.

Sellvia vs. Spocket

This article gives a detailed overview of the two including its pricing, features, pros and cons among others. Both of these dropshipping models are outstanding and real game changers in the e-commerce ecosystem. Let’s get right to it!

Overview of Spocket

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First things first. What is Spocket?

Spocket is a dropshipping platform with many different features and was launched in 2017. It’s quite popular in the US and Europe but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its scope is limited. You can take your business to the next level with this tool anywhere in the world. Besides, it also quite handy when it comes to cutting down the shipment’s ETA.

How is Spocket different from other dropshipping platforms and why is it popular? Spocket offers everything you need to manage a dropshipping business.

Spocket usually allows entrepreneurs to collect information from both the suppliers and consumers with ease. They can sort and also send orders quickly to different fulfillment centers. This is typically the most complicated and equally challenging aspect of any eCommerce business.

This platform is a home for many suppliers. Spocket allows the consumer to ask for a sample from the supplier especially if they are not sure of the quality. What’s more, some suppliers usually offer great discounts for their products for a certain amount of purchases. However, not all platforms suit all business models and Spocket is no exception.

How Spocket Can Help Your Business

Spocket has many different features. However, their services tend to vary depending on the plan you go for. If you are new to all this dropshipping business, then a starter pack will come in handy to steer you in the right direction.

Automated Services

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Thanks to technological advancements, almost everything is now digital. This leaves little to no room for error save for being more convenient. Spocket offers automated services that will see you through the entire business process and also help boost your sales. This means that you can automate your checkout, pricing, fulfillment and shipping.

Spocket’s automated services is one of its core functions and the most used feature because it can either make or break a business. The best thing about this dropshipping model is that it allows the user to customize the procedure to their personal specifications to ensure everything runs smoothly. All their services are automated including tracking, order shipping, fulfillment centre and coordination of the location of the supplier.

You don’t have to worry about losing your orders when using Spocket. The customer usually receives an email notification once the supplier receives the order. Consumers are also notified and updated when their orders are released up until they are delivered. There’s a feature that allows you to set the profit rate as well. The Mark-Up tool enables you to calculate your business profit based on different metrics.

Products Catalogue

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There are many different products that you can sell on this platform which makes finding the right one in record time an uphill task. Going through each one of them manually is quite frustrating especially if you are selling multiple products. However, this is not the case with Spocket as it features a dashboard that allows you to place an order of the products you need by following a few simple steps.

In addition, Spocket has an expanding database for all their products. This dropshipping platform allows people to sell many different products since they are looking to further expand. Besides, they have a category for everything to help narrow down your search. Also, most of their products are available in Europe and USA, accounting for almost half of the suppliers. This can be a drawback to suppliers with consumer base in other different areas.

However, you can ship the products overseas although the shipping and fulfillment process might not be quite smooth. You are in luck if your market is in the US and Europe since most of your customers might be living near the fulfillment centers. This means that you can easily track everything that goes down between the suppliers and customers to reduce the time the orders arrive.

Qualified Suppliers

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Spocket is not a walk in the park for the suppliers in terms of quality. This is because they only deal with high-quality products and it takes a while for one to qualify. You can’t get in if your products fail to match up to their standards.

You need to establish yourself as a supplier if you plan on becoming one on this platform. During the application process, a lot of verification is usually done to ascertain if you meet the requirements because they only deal with legal companies. You’ll experience lots of back and forth owing to their strict verification process when checking your qualifications, supplying capabilities, pricing, availability and quality.

The entire verification process is quite lengthy. On the bright side, it helps ensure their marketplace only deals with genuine products. Merchants, on the other side, will appreciate the quality. What’s more, they allow product samples to increase merchant security. You can request a sample of the product from a potential supplier before making an order.

Spocket also allows you to integrate other different platforms to run the business. It offers up to a 60% profit margin, ideal for those looking to maximize their revenue.

How Much Does Spocket Cost?

Currently, Spocket offers four different pricing plans including Free Trial, Starter, Pro and Empire. The Free Trial is an excellent choice for those who want to cut costs or are not sure if they want to commit to a plan. The 14-day free trial allows you to give their standard, pro and enterprise features a try.

Sellvia vs. Spocket: Which is the Best for Dropshipping? 5

  • It allows you to effortlessly integrate other different platforms
  • It offers a free trial
  • It offers a maximum of up to 60% profit margin
  • It offers real-time notifications
  • It has a strict onboarding process for the suppliers with lots of background check and verification
  • Spocket allows you to request for product samples from potential suppliers before placing an order
  • Most suppliers are in the US and Europe
  • It allows you to have a branded invoice
  • Products can be converted to the store’s currency
  • It offers an updated inventory management to prevent you from selling sold-out or discontinued products
  • It offers an updated inventory management system
  • Shipping products overseas is relatively expensive and also takes more time
  • You can’t customize product packaging and branding
  • You can only contact suppliers through Spocket
  • Some eCommerce dropshipping platforms don’t usually support integration
  • The final price is exclusive of custom duty and taxes

Bottom Line

Spocket is a great platform for different dropshipping businesses best suited for American and European markets. You can explore other options if you have customers in other areas. Besides, you might have trouble if you choose not to use integrations even though they are quite limited. However, at this point, it’s safe to say that this dropshipping platform is convenient and equally reliable considering all other aspects.

In addition, Spocket features a user-friendly interface that gives you access to all the necessary tools to build and grow your business. The best thing about this platform is the strict verification process and background check of their suppliers. That means that you can trust all the suppliers who went through the application process successfully.

What’s more, Spocket allows you to ask potential suppliers for product samples to ensure they meet your expectations when it comes to quality. Generally, Spocket comes highly recommended in the dropshipping business especially for starters. Plus, you can integrate it with other platforms for ease of dropshipping.

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Overview of Sellvia

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Sellvia is the most reliable US dropshipper that you can rely on to help run your business effortlessly. It’s based in Southern California, in the United States. This dropshipping platform was created to help people find reliable suppliers for their online businesses. It’s a great alternative to Shopify that enables users to build and run their businesses.

Keep scrolling for a detailed overview!

Sellvia offers a number of features including:

  • Fast US shipping
  • It has an extensive catalogue of bestsellers only
  • Great description of the products converting pages
  • A fulfillment center based in California with many different products awaiting shipment upon request
  • Approved ad materials that you can use to promote your online store

With Sellvia, you’ll always be a step ahead of all your competitors. Technically, Sellvia was created to put a stop to the stereotype about the interaction between online sellers and suppliers. It’s not only a reliable US dropshipping supplier that has taken the world by storm, but also an entire business solution. Here’s everything you need to know about Sellvia!

Sellvia helps solve all your dropshipping problems quite innovatively by simply providing you with an already made store upon subscription to a plan. This article highlights its pros and cons along with other important features and whether or not it’s a great choice for your business. Most people prefer this dropshipping platform since there aren’t many rules to follow as compared to Spocket.

In addition, Sellvia can help design an online store for you with many different products sourced from their warehouse. These products can also be delivered to customers in less than a week. It’s a ready-made store that is developed and optimized by experts best suited for the less skilled and those who are ready to make sales to increase their profit margins.

The best thing about it is that you can start a successful online business without any entrepreneurial or leadership skills.  However, this will get in the way of your search of quality products and trustworthy suppliers. Almost beats the purpose!

Sellvia addresses the main problem that comes with dropshipping as it offers a reliable solution. For instance, reducing the amount of time it takes to deliver products from Europe and Asia to customers in America. What makes it stand out is the fact that it’s both an online eCommerce platform and eCommerce supplier in the US.

Dropshipping might sound like a lucrative business opportunity but it always depends on the discipline and quality of the supplier. The suppliers are usually in charge of everything ranging from the quality of the products, the entire shipping process to the consumer’s experience. Consequently, choosing the right supplier is paramount as they play a huge role when it comes to the success of your business.

Is Sellvia worth your time and money?

Sellvia delivers products in 1-3 business days. This is a bonus considering how big and lucrative the US market usually is which makes it totally worth both your time and money.

How Sellvia Works

Sellvia services will help you in different ways including shipping within a considerable amount of time with ease once you get an order. You can either get the monthly subscription plan for your WooCommerce or WordPress site or sign up for the annual ready-made customized dropshipping store plan. Both of these services will link the shop to a Sellvia warehouse in the US.

Creating an account with Sellvia allows you to:

  • Manage your account information and security settings
  • Pick and also order products from the product catalogue
  • Import different products to your own Sellvia store right after downloading the plugin
  • Manage, view and edit your orders in one place

You can download and install the Sellvia WordPress plugin after subscribing to their monthly service. Start utilizing the plugin as soon as you activate it by providing the API key. Remember, Sellvia is a trustworthy and legitimate platform that eCommerce and dropshipping business owners can use.

  • It offers ready-to-go marketing campaigns
  • It offers fast US shipping in 1-3 business days with orders processed within 24hours
  • It offers low product costs as compared to other dropshipping platforms
  • It’s both an eCommerce platform and eCommerce online platform
  • It has a Shopify app that allows you to automatically import orders and complete the fulfilment tasks seamlessly
  • It’s easy to track the shipping process until the products get to the destination
  • Your client receives a tracking number once their order is shipped
  • The orders are usually processed automatically
  • A single subscription allows you access to a maximum of up to ten different online stores
  • Best-selling products are usually displayed on the dashboard every week
  • They offer SEO-optimized and mobile stores
  • The basic plan has a14-day free trial period
  • It gives to access to dropshipping classes to help you become a pro
  • Sellvia doesn’t offer international shipping as the products are only available to those in the US
  • You can’t access the suppliers to negotiate the price especially when making huge purchases even though they are relatively cheap
  • It offers limited products as compared to its counterparts with different best-selling products
  • Compromised SEO since the quality of the products is not guaranteed

Bottom Line

There are many different factors you should put into consideration when choosing a dropshipping company. For instance, the quality of the products, quick delivery, the nation you plan on marketing to and swift processing of the order should fall high on your priority’s gradient.

Sellvia will come in handy for business owners in the US since they don’t ship internationally. Plus, they have a swift delivery service as compared to other dropshipping companies. It’s an excellent choice for those targeting American markets as opposed to dropshippers looking to establish a customer base all over the world.

The best thing about Sellvia is that it has a number of impressive features to help increase your profit margins by boosting sales. As earlier mentioned, Sellvia remains the leading dropshipping company in the US as it allows you to build your business from scratch and source products from their warehouse in a few days.

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Sellvia and Spocket are both great software that will help you start and build your eCommerce business. However, there’s more to the dropshipping business than just choosing the right products and creating a site. Remember, bad tools and networks can make it a little bit frustrating that’s why you need a good software to get good results, ease operations and increase your profit margins.

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