Ali Inspector Review: Easily Find Winning Dropshipping Products on AliExpress

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One of the important parts of starting a dropshipping business is finding winning products. Unlike what most people starting the dropshipping business think, you do not need many products to be profitable with the business model. In fact, most of the time, you will realize that it’s only about 20 percent of the products you may be promoting that will be bringing the¬†majority of your income.

I struggled with niche research when starting dropshipping before having my big break. I used to read those “ultimate list of profitable niches for dropshipping” types of posts when looking for a niche. I never made any money with the products that were recommended.

Now, please understand that I’m not saying the lists are bad. In fact, I still refer to them once in a while but only to get ideas on the niche direction I may go. Here is an excellent list of dropshipping niches you can check for ideas.

I think most people don’t make money from the dropshipping niches that are floated around for two reasons:

i) The niches are just too competitive. When everyone interested in dropshipping is going after the same niches, business is bad for everyone. Ad costs get too high to make profitable campaigns. Moreover, potential buyers get bombarded with ads and this leads to “banner blindness“.

ii) Poor marketing campaigns. When you don’t have a marketing plan for any dropshipping product, making sales will be a tall order. There is more to making money on your online store than simply setting up Facebook ads.

With that said, what if you could uncover proven niches that are hot right now. Today. And make money with them?

What if you had some insider information backed by market data that shows you which niches are hot and the specific products that are selling?

Well, if I had this information before I started some of my past stores, I would have avoided wasting time and money on trial and error products.

The good news is that there is a software that can help you uncover hot or winning niches on AliExpress in real time. The software is known as Ali Inspector.

ali inspector review

I was invited to try Ali Inspector and to be honest, this software makes it quite easy to find winning products.

Read this review to find out how Ali Inspector works.

Ali Inspector 2 Review: Find Winning Products from AliExpress

First off, what is Ali Inspector?

What is Ali Inspector?

Ali Inspector is a product research software that helps you to uncover popular keywords that customers are typing on AliExpress as well as the best selling products on the website.

By using this software, you can know which products are trending at any time based on the number of sales made. you can also know the keywords that customers are typing when searching for products, which is helpful if you are also using search engine optimization as part of your ecommerce marketing strategy.

With Ali Inspector, you can:

  • Generate niche keywords. (This is good if you are into ecommerce SEO)
  • Analyze bestsellers. (This means you can know the top products that are selling on AliExpress in seconds. Of course, you can find these products on your own but it can take you a few hours of research to correctly identify the top selling products. Ali Inspector helps you identify the products instantly.
  • Uncover top performing dropship products. How would you like it if you could know the top selling products on any particular day or week? You can use Ali Inspector to uncover the products that are rising in sales, which can be an indication that they are starting to trend. This way, you can catch and ride on trends before everyone else!

Ali Inspector works on both PC and Mac.

Let’s see what you can do with Ali Inspector.

How Can Ali Inspector Help You?

Ali Inspector can help you in the following ways:

i) Generate Niche Keywords

Ali Inspector has an in-built keyword generator tool. With this tool, you can generate hundreds or thousands of keywords related to a niche.

For example, if you are thinking of starting a baby products ecommerce store, you can type the keywords “baby” or “toddler” on the tool (see image below). From these two seed keywords, Ali Inspector will go ahead an generate over 500 related keywords.

ali inspector keyword generator tool

Ali Inspector Keyword Generator Tool

We see there are 578 keywords related to the “baby” or “toddler” niche.

So, you may be wondering, how is Ali Inspector keyword tool generator different from any other keyword tool or even Google Keyword Planner?

Well, while other keyword research tools scrape Google for search phrases that people type, the Ali Inspector keyword tool only scrapes the phrases that people are typing when they are inside Ali Express. Therefore, you can be sure that all the keywords that are presented by the tool have some type of buyer intent.

How to Use the Keyword Generator

I find the keyword generator tool most helpful when you have not drilled down into the niche you would like to target. Say you have a broad idea that you’d like to sell baby items. But what specific sub-niche of baby items should you enter? Even more important, which niche has best selling products?

With the keyword tool, you can easily get ideas of the sub-niches to get into if you have a broad niche in mind.

Another use of the keyword tool would be on expanding a niche. Say you are currently selling a few related items on your store. You can search for the item category on the keyword tool to uncover other related items you may not have thought about.

ii) Find Best Selling Products for Each AliExpress Category

Another way that Ali Inspector can help you is by uncovering the best selling products in each category. With ecommerce, most of the time you do not need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. Just look at what the data is showing and act.

For example, if you are thinking of starting an electronics dropshipping store, which products should you get started with?
You can go the long route of uploading hundreds of products on your store and hope some will sell. This is what I can the “throw and stick” method. Basically, you upload everything, gather the data, and then put more effort marketing the products that show potential based on sales.

The only downside of the throw and stick method is that you can take months to get the data that you need. Apart from this, things can get quite expensive if you are sending paid traffic to your store.

Rather than testing random products in your niche to see which ones sell the best, why not just analyze the best selling items on AliExpress?

With Ali Inspector, you can instantly evaluate the best selling products in each category. You can see the name of the product, it’s product ID (which will lead you to the AliExpress page of the product where you can view it), the price, as well as whether ePackect shipping applies to the product.

ali express best selling products per category

Instantly Find the Best Selling Products in Every Ali Express Category

You can research hundreds of best selling products in different categories to put on your store in a few minutes. This is an absolute time-saving feature.

iii) Search for Product Keywords

Finally, you can use Ali Inspector to search product keywords and find out the best selling products in AliExpress. You can search a keyword and specify the shipping country, minimum price, maximum price, and other options.

When you search a keyword, Ali Inspector will produce a table result that shows things like the number of orders of the product, rating, number of reviews, the AliExpress store that sells it, and so on.

ali express best selling products per category

Build Your Shopify Store With Ali Inspector

Now that we’ve uncovered the best selling products on AliExpress using Ali Inspector, what next?

After you have identified the products that you would like to sell with the help of Ali Inspector, you can easily get the products to your Shopify store in minutes.

Instead of opening the products one by one, downloading the product images and descriptions and then pasting them into your Shopify store, you can import all the products automatically through Ali Inspector!

To download the products, you simply need to click the “Download Assets” menu on Ali Inspector. The HTML content of the product images, description, and product details will be downloaded on your computer. To download any product, simply right-click on it and select where you’d like it to be saved on your computer.

ali inspector download products

Right-Click on Any Product to Download their HTML Content on Your Computer

The HTML content will be downloaded on your PC as a CSV file.

You can also download 50 best reviews for the product you selected, and you can import the reviews into your Shopify store.

Ali Inspector FAQs

How much is Ali Inspector?

The software costs a one-time fee of $147. (UPDATE 2018: Get $80 OFF when you buy using this link)

I have a Mac. Will Ali Inspector Work on my Mac?

Ali Inspector works on both Macs and PCs. The software will work on Mac OSX 10.8 or higher, and Windows XP, 7, 8, & 10.

Are there any recurring fees?

There is only a one-time fee and you will never be charged a subscription or recurring fee. Your purchase includes lifetime access to your software.

How many computers can you install Ali Inspector?

You can install Ali Inspector on a total of 3 personal computers. This applies for both Mac versions and PC versions.

You can also remove installs for any computer in your account using a provided install manager tool. This comes in handy if you get a new computer and need to remove an older computer install from your account.

Verdict: Should You Buy Ali Inspector?

Overall, Ali Inspector helps in two things:

  • Find winning products
  • Save time on putting up the products on your store

If you already have a store that is doing well, you may not find the software a lot useful. However, if you are setting up multiple stores and would like to know of trending or winning products from AliExpress to put up in the stores, this software will help you save time.

I also recommend the software for anyone that is struggling with finding winning products on AliExpress.

My experience with the software has been positive. For me, it’s mostly about saving time with niche research in terms of finding products that are proven winners, which can make or break your ecommerce business.

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