EcomHunt Review

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If you are familiar with the dropshipping business then you might have come across this product research tool. EcomHunt! Most YouTubers have been talking about it. But have you ever explored paid EcomHunt plan? If not, don’t fret. I’ll be giving you a detailed EcomHunt review that’ll change your mind.

But first, let’s see if EcomHunt is best suited for your dropshipping business and whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

EcomHunt Overview

EcomHunt Review 1

I am a dropshipper and I’ve used EcomHunt for a while now. I can say without fear of contradiction that EcomHunt is an amazing product research tool for starters with zero experience with their Facebook target reach. It’s also comes in handy for those who are not sure of what products to sell online.

EcomHunt usually provides useful information for its users with every winning product they publish. You got that right! Some products are not that great but EcomHunt tends to publish the best-selling products available on the market. You can draw inspiration from your competitors but be creative while at it to make your dropshipping business stand out. The goal is to generate more sales and increase the profit margins.

In addition, EcomHunt have a free-trial package that allows you to try out the tool to see if it works for your business. The best thing about it is that the you can run the free account for as long as you can. However, it comes with some limitations. But then again, it’s a great alternative for those working on a budget and would like to explore the tool before fully investing.

EcomHunt Review

If you are still here then you probably want to know if EcomHunt will work for your eCommerce business or not. Keep scrolling. Are you looking to explore this product research tool from the inside and not depend on screenshots from different websites? If your answer is yes, then let’s dive right in, shall we? Here’s an in-depth EcomHunt review.

Point to note, I will not just be sharing images from EcomHunt’s landing page. This will help you know if it suits your eCommerce business or not. For instance:

What is EcomHunt?

It’s a product research tool that focuses on providing its users with winning products and necessary information on how to sell them online. In this post, I’ll be sharing my experience with using EcomHunt from the inside. I will also talk about the type of information this product research tool offers with every winning product.

By the end of this article, you should be able to tell if EcomHunt is something for you or not and whether you’ll get value for your money. Brace yourselves, it’s a very detailed review because am going to talk about everything you need to know about EcomHunt. If you are in a rush, the overview and conclusion will do you good.

EcomHunt Overview

Let’s start with the information EcomHunt usually offers with each winning product. Their main aim is to provide you with winning dropshipping products in the first place. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they usually just post the image and put a link to the product then leave it at that. They do a lot more!

EcomHunt provides detailed information that helps ensure you get to sell the product.

Put this in mind:

You can stop but wonder what happens when millions of people sell the same dropshipping winning products, with the same target reach, description and ads. It’s normal to think this way since EcomHunt has a lot of subscribers. However, you should know that in such cases, the competition is usually stiff. You can draw inspiration from different product research tools then customize to make them stand out.

Let’s look at a pet bed as an example to see the kind of information EcomHunt provides. You’ll see a screenshot of every part of EcomHunt’s product page. I’ll explain the kind of information this product research tool provides in details and what I think about it.

Here’s the comfy calming pet bed. With this screenshot, you’ll see the kind of information they provide when you first search for the product.

Jack Kaching – EcomHunt provides expert one on one consultant. You’ll find a detailed explanation below on additional information in that particular section on the EcomHunt page.

Product Description – EcomHunt also gives you an example of the product description to use. The example of the product description is usually longer and the image would equally be a tad too big.

The Sell with Oberlo Button – Different product research tools use different systems of importing products. Let’s take an example of the Dropship Spy. Personally, I don’t see the importance of using it since you need to use an app such as Oberlo when it comes to processing the dropshipping orders.

However, some product research tools usually come with necessary apps like Dropship Spy except with abilities to process orders which is much better. EcomHunt didn’t approach Dropship Spy any of this information and instead acknowledged Oberlo as the most popular app for dropshippers when it comes to order processing.

Product Images – EcomHunt shows you different product images to give the user an option of choosing the product and also ascertain whether or not they like the product.

EcomHunt Review 2

Costs and Profits – They recommend an ideal selling price including the cost of the product and potential profit margin. All these information is usually drawn from their recommended selling price of your desired products.

Saturation Inspector – Most EcomHunt subscribers find this tool cool. It usually shows the number of stores selling the same product as yours. However, am not entirely sure if it’s an estimate because I don’t know how they get the said information.

EcomHunt Review 3

Profits – It shows you an estimate of your profit margin if you use their recommended selling price including the CPA, that is Cost Per Acquisition.

Analytics – This is the summary of the AliExpress seller stats that EcomHunt recommends. There’s also a button to show reviews when you scroll down.

EcomHunt Review 4

Engagement – Engagement stats are usually derived from Facebook ads which they give as examples. This makes it easy for you to tell whether or not the engagement is ideal for your business without necessarily visiting your Facebook page to check the ad. Bear in mind that the stats are not updated after product placement. This means that the ad might have performed better.

Links – There is nothing much to say about links since it speaks for itself. Notice some of the links on this article. For instance, the link to the Facebook ad and AliExpress seller. I love the organization of the links as it makes finding what you are looking for a bit easy as opposed to scrolling all the way down to find the Facebook ad link.

EcomHunt Review 5

The above image is a screenshot of the Facebook ad along with the comments. This means that you don’t have to visit your Facebook page to see the performance of the ad. However, you can check the Facebook ad on your own to see the recent engagement stats, comments and the number of likes.

Target audience on Facebook – This typically means the target market which translates to the people who might be interested in buying your products now or in future. To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a zoomed-in version:

EcomHunt Review 6

There’s a YouTube Video as well – You can draw inspiration from these YouTube videos to create your own Ads without checking what your competitors are up to especially those selling similar products.

EcomHunt Review 7

You’ll also find their suggestions of Facebook target audience if you scroll further down. It’s almost similar to YouTube videos except a little bit easy to find important information including the people to target, country and age range among others. For the most part, they also include details of different Facebook interests in a row.

EcomHunt Review 8

Examples of Instagram Influencers – This is a great option if you are looking to use Instagram influencers to help market your products. Here, you’ll find a lot of Instagram influencers marketing the same products as yours. Use the arrows to find more influencers in the same niche.

EcomHunt Review 9

Sales statistics on eBay – eBay sales statistics will show you how the product is doing including the estimated product price, the total number of the products sold and the number of listings among others. However, some products don’t have these stats.

EcomHunt Review 10

AliExpress Sales Statistics – I am not quite sure about AliExpress sales statistics since I’ve come across better ones showing all the necessarily statistics of both the seller and the products in question. AliExpress sales statistics doesn’t show the stats of all the products and is not as effective just like eBay statistics.

EcomHunt Review 11

AliExpress Product Reviews – They usually integrate with AliExpress to allow the user to see the product reviews on AliExpress. The only good thing about it is that you get to access all the information you need on one page. However, you can’t do anything with it. That doesn’t mean that the reviews are not helpful as they come in handy when it comes to determining how good the product is.

EcomHunt Review 12

Different winning products from the same category – They show you other products that fall in the same category for inspiration purposes. This gives you an option to choose the products that you might otherwise forgone. Remember, all these products are usually put on EcomHunt.

However, you’ll not find any pet related product suggestions which I found a little weird. It shows recently added products on the platform. I guess they should have named this it “recently added winning products On EcomHunt”.

Conclusion on What EcomHunt Offers with Their Winning Products

EcomHunt gives a lot of useful information for their winning products. Personally, I believe the product research tools of this caliber are best suited for beginners in the dropshipping business. It would especially work well for those that don’t know the products to sell on the eCommerce stores.

It would also be ideal for those who are not conversant with it, for instance, Facebook Ads. If you can relate, then you need to check out the Facebook Ads for eCommerce beginner’s guide. Owing to their example of Facebook targeting. This helps you learn a thing or two about the people to target as per our niche.

As earlier mentioned, avoid copying everything from your competitors to make your products stand out. In a market with thousands of sellers selling the same products, you have to be unique to get your products moving.

EcomHunt has a significant number of subscribers to make a winning product saturated in days. I can deduce this from the number of YouTube gurus talking about them as well as the reviews. When I talk about something being “saturated” it doesn’t necessarily mean the products only but a combination of products and information provided for example, description, video ad and Facebook target among others.


Because most drop shippers are usually lazy but came to this platform to increase their profit margins or make easy money and get rich real quick. This is a sad truth since most gurus use similar words to advertise dropshipping businesses. For example, you’ll be shown videos of luxurious cars and houses which can be rented easily. These gurus pursue people to buy their dropshipping courses using some of the most beautiful lifestyle pictures.

However, for the record, these dropshipping courses are anything but cheap! You can check out this article if you want to know more about the dropshipping gurus and their courses. I digress, my apologies. This review is meant to be about EcomHunt and not the gurus and why they sell their courses.

I believe the information EcomHunt provides about each of their winning products is perfect for beginners in the dropshipping business. I don’t like all the products included in EcomHunt like the portable soluble disinfectant soap paper that costs $10! Who in their right state of mind can make such a purchase? @ $10??

Don’t take it personal though, it’s just an opinion and we are all entitled to have one, right?

Additional Information on EcomHunt

Let’s get down to what EcomHunt offers now that we know the information provided for each of their winning products. You cannot find some of these extra things in other product research tools since they are original. Allow me to indulge your thoughts because I know you are already curious.

Jack Kaching

Jack Kaching is a one-on-one expert consultant easily accessible on your Facebook messenger. You can ask Jack anything including questions about scaling, testing and targeting. What’s more, he can also review your eCommerce store. How original? I’ve never seen this feature on any product research tool.

EcomHunt Review 13

You only need to sign up to their pro plan to get full access to Jack Kaching, the one-on-one expert consultant.

EcomHunt Winners Club

EcomHunt Winners Club is equally original and cool. You can apply for the club if you hit at least $5k in sales using EcomHunt products. You’ll not only get a slot on the winner’s wall but also an EcomHunt T-Shirt.

The Blog

EcomHunt Review 14

Their blog is not quite original because you can find it in most product research tools. It made it here since they feature some of the most amazing things. Plus, they have a breakdown of different winning products where you learn all you need to know about selling that particular product. If you are smart enough, you can use the information provided to sell other products. For instance:

Tutorials and Webinars

EcomHunt also includes tutorial videos. However, only subscribers can access the tutorials but some of them are available on YouTube. I can say without fear of contradiction that most of us can still appreciate the fact that they included learning resources even though it’s for members only. Here’s an example of a YouTube video:

EcomHunt Trial Review

EcomHunt offers a free trial account. You can sign up for an account that you can use it anytime. The only drawback is that the free account comes with a few limitations.

EcomHunt Review 15

You can always upgrade to their pro plan to access all the features they have to offer. However, you can get to try it out first before investing to see if it works for your eCommerce business. The best thing about the free account is that you can use it for as long as you want since it has no expiration date.

Click here to create an EcomHunt account

Pricing – EcomHunt Review

EcomHunt offers a trial account for free. Currently, their subscription price is $39, $59 or $89 monthly and a discount on the first month and a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus, a live chat support.

EcomHunt Review 16


Did you just scroll down or you read through the entire review? Either way, congratulations! By now, you should know whether or not EcomHunt is worth your money. My take home is that this product research tool is best suited for:

  • Those working on a budget and not looking to dig deeper into their pockets when it comes to product research tools.
  • Those that are not conversant with Facebook targeting
  • Those that prefer viewing a number of product examples for inspiration before settling the best one.
  • Lazy people
  • Those that want more tools for product research

I hope this in-depth EcomHunt review helps! Good luck.

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