Gearbubble Low Hanging System DFY Review

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It’s a New Year and the time is ripe for another ecommerce project. This time, I’m talking about print on demand (POD).

To be honest, I’ve known of print on demand for a while now. I’ve even experimented with the model a few times before but never really got to stick to it to the very end. This time, I’m challenging myself to build a successful print on demand business.

And I want you to join me!

If you are interested, join this Facebook group where we can motivate and keep each other in check.

However, I’m not getting into the POD business blindly. I’m following a course by one of the most honest and successful POD entrepreneurs I know. Her name is Rachel Rofe, and together with her partner Don Wilson, have helped thousands of ordinary people make their first dollar online using the print on demand model.

I’m a member of the Gearbubble Facebook group and as you can see from these testimonials, people are actually making money with the model. So, why not you?

gearbubble sales testimonials

I purchased Rachel Rofe’s print on demand course known as Low Hanging System. This course is an absolute gem and to be honest, it is so simple. When I went through the course, I was like; “dude, I already knew that”.

But going through the course is not the goal. The goal is to make money from the knowledge I’ve gained.

In this article, I will give you my thoughts on what I think of the Low Hanging System course. These are solely my thoughts about the course. And even better, I’m following the course to the latter and adding my own twists to the information that I’ve learned

You can check my print on demand project entries here.

Let’s get started with the Gearbubble Low Hanging System review.

Low Hanging System Review

The Low Hanging System is an easy-to-follow online training program that will teach you how to start a print on demand business at the lowest cost. In fact, you will be able to start the business for less than $10 (I’m not joking!).

How is this possible? Because it’s print on demand.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand is a business model that involves printing items on demand. This is how the business model works:

  1. A customer comes to your website and selects a design you have. The design can be on anything; a mug, T-shirt, bag, shoes, etc.
  2. When the customer pays, you use the money to order the product from a print on demand fulfiller i.e. a company that prints the items on demand. You should have priced your designs in a manner that will leave you with some profit when you order the items from the demand fulfillment supplier.
  3. The demand fulfillment supplier sends the printed item directly to the customer

In a nutshell, print on demand is simply like dropshipping, but for printable products. This means you don’t have to purchase any products beforehand. In fact, the only thing you will need is to have the designs that you want to sell on your merchandise.

how print on demand works

How Print on Demand Works

What is the Gearbubble Low Hanging System?

The Gearbubble Low Hanging System is an online training course that teaches how to get started with print on demand. However, the business model has a tone of competition…and this is what the LHS aims to help you avoid.

The model taught in the Low Hanging System is how to get sales with “ugly”, “poor” or “simple” designs like this:

ugly mug text designs

You may not believe it, but this is one of the bestselling mugs on Amazon as you can see from the Amazon rank. Can’t you create such a simple, ugly, text-based design like the one above?

So, that is one thing that I love about the LHS system; you learn to go after what Rachel and Don Wilson call the “low hanging fruits” and leave the tough designs and competition for others.

There are many print on demand platforms where you can start your POD business. A few that come off the top of my head include Amazon Merch, Printful, Etsy, and more.

The Low Hanging Fruit System teaches how to make designs and sell them on Etsy and Gearbubble. However, from my experience, the same strategies can also be used to sell products on other POD websites.

If you haven’t head of Gearbubble before, it is basically a print on demand service where you can upload various designs to be printed for your customers. Gearbubble prints pillowcases, necklaces, mugs, hoodies, and many more items.

Here is a complete list of what you can make with Gearbubble.

Gearbubble Low Hanging System DFY Review 1

One thing that makes Gearbubble different from most POD fulfillment companies is that you can directly integrate your account with Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. What this means is that if you are uploading your POD designs on Gearbubble, you can make them instantly available on these other platforms.

Moreover, when a customer orders one of your designs from, let’s say Amazon, you can fulfill it directly from your Gearbubble account. Therefore,  you don’t have to keep logging into your different accounts to keep track of orders or sales as they will all be available in your Gearbubble account.

What’s in the Low Hanging System DFY Program?

Initially, the Low Hanging System was released as a barebones course that showed how to get started with print on demand.

However, for 2019, the course has been revamped to make it more user-friendly and take off the heavy lifting of tech, setup, design, and costs from you.

The new LHS DFY (Done for You) program is a complete print on demand course that will fast-track your road to success without you doing a lot of the hard work.

Here is what is included in the LHS DFY program:

Low Hanging System Course

This course is mainly taught by Rachel Rofe and provides a great introduction to the POD model and how you can easily get started. Inside the course, you will learn the following:

Module 1: How to come up with proven concepts that will sell

For me, coming up with design ideas is not a problem. I mean, anyone can come up with an idea. The big question is, will the design sell?

find proven concepts

The LHS course teaches you how to find ideas that are profitable and that most people are not looking at. This section was an eye-opener for me as without knowing whether a market will spend money on your design, you will be playing a guessing game.

The section will show you how to identify ideas that are guaranteed to make you money by carrying out some simple research.

Module 2: How to make winning designs

In this section, you will learn how to make winning designs for your print on demand products. The best thing is that you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to make the winning designs. You will actually be surprised at how simple the work is.

make winning designs

This section introduces the tools you can use to simplify the design process. Some of the tools are free and some are paid. I’ve been using Photoshop for the longest time. So, if you know a little bit of Photoshop, you are already sorted.

If you have no idea how to create catchy graphics, you won’t even need to learn how to use Photoshop. Rachel will show you the free software she uses to make winning designs.

The only thing I must stress is that you need a proven concept to make good sales with your POD products.

Module 3: Publishing your POD Items on Gearbubble

This section will take you through how to publish your designs so that they are ready to be bought online. The section covers publishing your items on Gearbubble.

publishing on gearbubble

You will learn how Gearbubble works and how the whole fulfillment process is done. You will also get the templates you need to use for your designs when launching on Gearbubble.

This is a short section that you will get through easily.

Module 4: Optimizing Your Design Listings

This section is all about optimizing your listings to leverage free traffic from Google and other sources. Rachel takes you through the steps she goes through after uploading a design to ensure it is easily found by the customers she is targeting.

how to optimize your listings

The section is more about search engine optimization and the use of keywords in your listings. You will learn the best practices of optimizing your designs on Gearbubble so that you get free traffic from active buyers.

Module 5: Scaling Your Launch

In this section, you will learn how to launch your designs on multiple sites to get the most value from your listings. The section goes through launching your POD designs on Amazon, Etsy, and a list of dozens of sites that most people are not taking advantage of.

launching on amazon

Module 6: Promoting Your Listings

In this modul, you will learn how to drive traffic to your listings. From the strategies you will have learned in the earlier modules, your listings are guaranteed to get organic traffic. However, the organic traffic may take time to come.

If you want to speed up things, you can promote your designs through different strategies. The section on promoting your designs covers both free and paid ways of getting traffic. This is another crucial module that I love in the Low Hanging System course.

What More Do You Get?

So, the Low Hanging System course is the most important part of the LHS DFY system. However, there is more you will be getting to jumpstart your success in the print on demand business. The following are also offered as part of the Low Hanging System DFY program.

E-commerce Integration

The ecommerce Integration offer is available through the Gearbubble platform. With this integration, you can publish your designs on Gearbubble and automatically distribute them to other platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and more.

This integration will save you a ton of time that you would have used to log into the different platforms individually to upload your designs.

$100 in Gearbubble Fulfillment Credits

Another benefit of the platform is that you can automatically fulfill orders from any platform that you have integrated. Let’s say you have some of your designs listed on Etsy. You won’t have to log into your Etsy account to check whether there are any orders and fulfill them. The fulfillment can be done straight from Gearbubble.

5 Free Boxes of White Mugs

Another bonus that has been included in the course are five free white mugs to get you started. You can sell these mugs and keep 100% of the profit. The mugs have a value of about $110.

Niche Research Software

One of the resources you will get when you sign up for the Low Hanging System DFY is a niche research software. Success in print on demand depends on the niches that you go after. If you have been doing any form of business, you know that some niches barely have customers that are willing to buy.

The Low Hanging System niche software will help you to uncover profitable products that are selling on different websites, which you can easily copy and modify to make sales. You will also discover hidden niches that smart people are making money in, which you can also target.

100 FREE DFY Designs

The program is called DFY (Done for You) and for good reason; you get 100 free designs to get your print on demand business started. The designs are created by professional designers working with Gearbubble. These designers are the brains behind thousands of best-selling POD items on the internet.

The best thing is that you can reuse the designs that you will receive on multiple products. For example, you can use the same designs on T-shirts, caps, mugs, key holders, and so on. In a literal sense, you will end up with thousands of free designs from the initial 100 designs you will be given.

Holiday Success Blueprint

This is a blueprint that will help you make sales fast over the various holidays of the year. POD items usually sell in mass amounts during the holidays. You will get a list of all the major holidays held during the year (more than 50), which you can target with your POD products to make massive sales.

Weekly Live Calls

This is my favorite part of the Low Hanging System DFY program. Every week, Don holds a call with the members to discuss new strategies or answer questions that you may have. The weekly calls are very informative and packed with gems that will help you grow your POD business.

Inventory Management Log

This resource will help you manage your POD inventory. You are building a business here, and it’s important that you know how your stock is moving. This tool will help you do that easily.

Design Forecaster

With the Design Forecaster, you can calculate the number of designs you will need to launch every day to reach your goals. This tool will give you a clear picture of how much work you need to put to reach your income goals.

Get Started With the Low Hanging System

The above is an overview of what is available in the Low Hanging System DFY program. I’ve already bought the program and have started my POD journey.

You can follow my journey by checking this link.

In my opinion, this is a great program for anyone that wants to make money online selling designs. The program presents an ethical way of making money, something that you will be proud to tell anyone.

I’m currently documenting my progress to members of my POD list (you can sign up here). With time, I will make the posts public. But the good news is that I just crossed over $1300 last month in my POD business from following the strategies laid out in the Low Hanging System DFY program.

So, is the course worth it?


But will you make money from it?

Only if you put in the work.

I must say that in the Low Hanging System DFY group, I see some people that are just lurking around and probably not making money from POD. The joke is on them as the program has everything you need. If you sign up for the program, I can help you to keep you in check in my personal POD success group.

Simply sign up for the program here and then send me a message with proof of purchase. I will then add you to the POD accountability group, where you will have access to me and other POD entrepreneurs making money from the program.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday. The second-best time is today.

Sign up for the Low Hanging System DFY and your life could change in 6 months. Imagine having an extra $1000 or more into your bank account like clockwork every month for the work you would have done in the initial one to two months. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Looking forward to your success story!

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