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In today’s post, I’ll be exploring Sellfy pricing plan and the total amount of money you’ll use to sell anything on the platform. I’ll also go into details about the best plan for newbies and those looking to scale their businesses in the shortest time possible.

Sellfy is one of the best eCommerce platform for dropshipping as it makes selling both digital and physical products online a lot easier. Thousands of filmmakers, designers, retailers, writers and music producers among others usually use the platform.

Sellfy was specially designed to help business owners grow their businesses by enabling them to generate more sales with their physical and digital products alike. You can choose to embed your online Sellfy shopping cart in your site or simply create a Sellfy storefront. In short, it’s an all-in-one business platform that gets the job done for you.

With Sellfy, you only need to create an eCommerce store which takes less than five minutes and you’ll be good to go. The platform provides checkout functionality, product delivery upon confirmation of payment and product storage. They also provide you with relevant business tools that will not only help you build but also grow your business easily.

However, the main question is – how much does it cost to sell on the platform? It’s also one of the most frequently asked questions. At this point, I guess you’d also want to know an ideal plan best suited for beginners and how to cut costs using Sellfy to sell products online. If so, don’t fret. I got you covered since this review highlights everything you need to know about Sellfy and hopefully answer all your questions.

Sellfy Pricing Plans

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Sellfy falls on the lower side of the spectrum when it comes to pricing and that why most people like it. It’s safe to say that it’s a relatively affordable platform for selling products. Besides, it offers a couple of exclusive features at a fair price. In addition, Sellfy doesn’t have fixed costs and hidden charges which is quite common with other platforms that offer the same services.

The best thing about this cloud-based eCommerce platform is that it offers a 14-day free trial period. This way, you can explore different features on the platform to see whether or not it works for your business. Sellfy has three different pricing plans including:

  • Starter Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Premium Plan

The premium plan is the highest pricing package while starter is the lowest. Let’s get into the details of what’s in each plan, shall we?

1. Starter Plan

The starter plan costs $29 monthly. It’s an entry-level plan best suited for newbies and comes with a number of features including:

  • Store customization
  • Custom domain
  • No transaction fees
  • Unlimited products
  • A maximum of 10,000 in sales annually

2. Business Plan

The business plan costs $59 monthly. It’s best suited for relatively large businesses with a significant number of customers. The plan has the following features:

  • No transaction fees
  • Custom domain
  • Discount codes
  • Product upselling
  • Store customization
  • 10,000 email credits
  • A maximum of 50,000 in sales annually

3. Premium Plan

Premium plan costs $89 monthly. It’s best suited for businesses that usually make huge sales every month. The plan has the following features:

  • Free migration
  • Discount codes
  • Unlimited products
  • Store customization
  • Custom domain
  • Priority support
  • No transaction fees
  • 50,000 email credits
  • A maximum of 200,000 in sales

Sellfy Discounts

Sellfy Pricing 2

You’ll save about 34% on all plans if you subscribe or opt-in Sellfy’s annual subscription.

  • Starter Plan – Normally, it costs $348 but you can get the plan at $228 annually and $19 monthly.
  • Business Plan – This plan normally costs $708 yearly but you get it at $468 billed annually and $39 monthly if you subscribe to their annual plan.
  • Premium Plan – This plan is usually billed at $1548 annually but will be $1068 per year owing to the discounts and $89 monthly.

Features in all Pricing Plans

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Here’s a highlight of the features available in all the pricing plans:

Mobile Optimized

Sellfy usually offers mobile optimized online stores with seamless checkout experience for mobile phone and desktop users alike. This means that all your customers get to shop at your store using any device.

Shopping Cart

Sellfy stores always come with online shopping carts for ease of checking out. Plus, you can embed the shopping cart on your website with a buy now button.

Embedded Buy Now Buttons

An embeddable buy now button allows you to make a purchase with just one click. It can be the whole store on your website, your blog to sell the products directly from there or an individual widget for the products.

Multiple Payment Methods with Instant Payout

You can connect Stripe or PayPal or even both as payment options for your business with ease. What amount of money the customers is sent to your specified payment account directly without Sellfy interrupting.

Digital Products, Subscriptions and Sell Physical

You can sell different products that you create regardless of the pricing plan you opt for whether it’s a t-shirt, monthly subscription for the software or downloadable products like eBooks. Sellfy supports almost everything.

Powerful Analytics

Analytics allows users to see a range of best-selling products and where the visitors are coming from. Its quite simple but powerful especially when it comes to analyzing your store and understanding the performance of the products.

Best Sellfy Pricing Plan for Beginners

As earlier mentioned, Sellfy has three different pricing plans. However, all of them have amazing features. This means that you’ll have to identify the needs of your business to determine the plan that would work best for your online store.

For instance, the starter plan would be a great choice for beginners with few sales. The best part is that you can always upgrade to a different plan if you make more sales. If you have a huge consumer base, which translates to more sales then the Business plan would be an excellent choice for you.

The business plan has a maximum of up to 50,000 in sales and additional features to help you run your business smoothly.

Premium plan is best suited for those with well established businesses with lots of sales annually. It has a maximum of up to 200,000 in sales with exclusive features that enable you to grow sales and scale your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Sellfy?

Sellfy is a cloud-based eCommerce platform specially designed to help entrepreneurs sell their physical and digital products online with ease. Read our Sellfy review for in-depth information.

  1. Is the platform legit?

Sellfy has more than 30,000 sellers globally that use the platform to sell their products. So, yes! It’s legit.

  1. How much does it cost to sell products on Sellfy?

Sellfy is one of the cheapest cloud-based eCommerce platforms that you can use to sell your products. They have three different pricing plans that are relatively affordable as compared to its counterparts. The starter plan costs $29 monthly and billed at $19 monthly for annual subscription. Plus, it’s the cheapest plan.

The business plan, on the other hand, costs $59 monthly and billed at $39 monthly when you go for annual subscription. Lastly, we have the Premium plan that costs $129 monthly and billed at $89 monthly when you opt for the annual subscription. Also, it’s the most expensive plan.

  1. Does Sellfy have hidden charges and fixed costs?

No. Sellfy doesn’t have hidden charges and fixed costs unlike other cloud-based eCommerce platforms. Once you choose a pricing plan that’s best suited for your online store, that’s the exact amount you’ll pay. However, you’ll be required to pay the expenses that come with PayPal or Stripe as modes of payment. The cost depends on the payment option you choose to use.

  1. How will I get paid?

You’ll receive the payments as soon as a customer makes a purchase. The payment is then sent directly to your PayPal or Stripe account.

  1. Can you make sales if you don’t have a PayPal account?

Absolutely! You can sell your products on this eCommerce platform without a PayPal account. Sellfy offers two different payment options – PayPal and Stripe. These are the only alternatives so you can use Stripe if you don’t have a PayPal account.

You can only use Sellfy to offer products at no cost if both Stripe and PayPal aren’t allowed in your country.

  1. What happens if my sales exceed the yearly limit?

You might need to upgrade to the next plan if you exceed your sales limit as per the plan you are subscribed to. Sellfy has exclusive features that will let you know beforehand when you hit your sales limit.

However, you’ll be charged about 2% for any sale above the limit especially when you are subscribed to the highest plan.


Sellfy is the most affordable cloud-based eCommerce platform for selling both physical and digital products online. The platform also offers a 14-day free trial plan that allows you to test it out to see if it suits your business before investing.

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