Sellvia vs. Amazon FBA

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Are you trying to decide between using Sellvia or Amazon FBA for your e-commerce business? In this article, we compare the two options and discuss the pros and cons of each, so you can make an informed decision on which platform is right for you. Find out which one offers the best fees, customer service, and shipping options for your business needs.”

What are your options if you are looking to start an eCommerce business?

Which option is relatively cheap and takes a short amount of time to gain traction?

In today’s article, we’ll explore two different eCommerce models that starters can try out – Sellvia Fulfillment and Amazon FBA, otherwise known as Fulfillment by Amazon. This review will help you choose the best model for your business.

Basics of Amazon FBA and Sellvia Fulfillment

Amazon FBA is one of the most popular eCommerce business models that most people are conversant with. It’s convenient for entrepreneurs with pre-purchased or self-manufactured products for selling. They have fulfilment centers belonging to Amazon where they can store the products. As you know, Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

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The Amazon staff will not only keep your products in these fulfilment centers but also pack and ship them using their business policies and well-developed infrastructure. In this case, the only thing business owners do is providing a physical inventory and they’re good to go! After which the Amazon warehouse staff and managers will take it from there.

However, some of the most frequently asked questions are – what if I don’t have an inventory? What if am not able to set up a manufacturing process? What if I don’t have enough capital to buy different product variations in advance to store in the fulfillment centers that belong to Amazon?

You can explore another alternative and this is where Sellvia Fulfillment comes into play. Let’s see what they have to offer and if they make the best alternative to Amazon FBA.

What is Sellvia Fulfillment?

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Sellvia Fulfillment is one of Sellvia’s groundbreaking offering, an entire ecosystem for eCommerce business owners including:

  • An online platform

By now, you already know that Sellvia is a dropshipping platform that does everything for you from creating a store to filling it with products and handling the dropshipping aspect. Sellvia also equips its users with a handy plugin for ease of importing the products with a click of a button to their stores. You don’t have to worry about experience and skills when it comes to Sellvia because they got you covered.

  • Fulfillment Center in the US

Sellvia offers a wide variety of best-selling products available in their catalog that they usually store in their warehouse in California. This means that customers receive their orders within 1-3 business days. Remember, Sellvia is an unbeatable dropshipping platform when it comes to fast shipping in the US market.

  • Marketing Materials

All products available in the Sellvia catalog are usually accompanied with an excellent product page that aims to convert any visitor to the site into a buyer almost immediately. What’s more, they offer ready-made ad campaigns specially designed and also tested by renowned digital marketers. This helps drive traffic to your website, which can in turn drive in more sales and increase your profit margins significantly.

  • US-based Manufacture

Most of the products available in the Sellvia catalog usually come from their own US-based manufacturing facilities. This means that this dropshipping company overlooks and is also in full control of the quality of the products. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a raw deal.

  • Growing Stock of the Products

The newest arrivals of high-quality products usually appear in their catalog every day, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Plus, they only feature best-selling products. Business owners are only left to collect the profits since Sellvia handles every aspect of the business from scratch and all operations in your online store management.

Sellvia vs. Amazon FBA 3

Sellvia creates an eCommerce store on your behalf, fills it with some of the best-selling products, ships the products and also gives you marketing materials. The latter come in handy when looking to popularize your store in different social media platforms.

Sellvia is not all sunshine and rainbows. However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and that makes them almost insignificant. One of the limitations is that they offer a limited amount of product variations but you can make do. They offer a 14-day free trial period that allows you to try out the system before subscribing to their monthly or annual plan.

Their annual subscription plan costs $399 and $39 for the monthly package. The price is on the lower side compared to all the benefits that Sellvia offers ranging from product sourcing, packaging, storing to branding the products and promoting them.

Sellvia vs. Amazon Fulfillment: The Similarities

  • They both offer fast US shipping

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Fulfilment by Amazon is best suited for entrepreneurs with physical products at their disposal. It’s one of the most convenient ways to deliver the products to their customers in the US fast and outsource different product management responsibilities.

However, beginners need to sort out a few issues before setting out to use Amazon FBA including:

  • Investing in product promotions
  • Finding a way to remarket the products to buyers
  • Dealing with possible bans
  • Waiting for at least three months for the products to be manufactured and sent to the US before Amazon receives them
  • Investing a significant amount of money to buy or manufacture the required number of products in advance

Sellvia vs. Amazon FBA 5

Sellvia fulfillment is a great choice for new entrepreneurs who want to get their business off the ground quickly and easily. With expertly developed online stores, no upfront investment thanks to the free trial and store creation, and a selection of ready-to-ship items already stored in California, Sellvia makes it easy to get started.

  • Quick business start with ready online store developed by experts
  • No or low startup investments with free trial and free store creation option
  • Selection of ready-to-ship items stored in California
  • Marketing materials that have been tested and proven to be effective
  • Fast 1-3 day shipping to any US address
  • Access to buyers’ data for more precise targeting and repeat purchases
  • Lifetime support and guidance on technical and promotional aspects of the business

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